Time to suit up.Time to suit up.
Uniform Rental
Time to suit up.

Alsco Uniform Rental Services

With over 130 years of experience in linen rentals, Alsco is an industry leader in uniform rental services. With thousands of uniforms to choose from, designed and manufactured by names you know and trust, using the latest technologies, our work uniform offerings are second to none. Among uniform rental companies, Alsco’s business uniforms rental and laundering services are legendary. When gearing up your group, let the uniform company with the most experience turn them into the team you need.

Industrial workers taking a break.
Bakers wearing clean uniforms.

Our Uniforms & Clothing

Alsco’s extensive line of customizable name-brand work uniforms are rugged, durable, smart and stylish, with numerous specialty options. Our offerings include:

  • Automotive uniforms

  • Cleaning uniforms

  • Embroidered uniforms

  • Food processing uniforms

  • Flame-resistant clothing

  • High-visibility clothing

  • Industrial work uniforms

  • Janitorial uniforms

  • Medical uniforms

  • Restaurant uniforms

  • Work shirts

Why Uniforms Are Important

In any story in which a ragtag group of misfits comes together as a team, one of the most defining moments is always when they first don their new uniform. It doesn’t matter if it’s a business uniform, a sports uniform, a work uniform or a superhero uniform, we react the same way every time. Why is that simple act so significant? And why are we so moved by it?

Humans crave uniqueness. We want to know we’re special, that we have something to offer that’s different from everyone else. This is one of our fundamental drives. But we also want to feel like we’re a part of something bigger. Being unique is meaningless in isolation. It only matters when we have a team within which our uniqueness can be expressed. We want and need to belong to a tribe that can utilize our talents and appreciate our presence.

One of the main ways we evolved to identify our tribe is by our similar clothing and dress. And that evolutionary drive runs so deeply that the mere colors of a sports fan’s favored team are enough to cause feelings of camaraderie, loyalty and inspiration.

A growing body of research indicates employees that wear work uniforms view the company more positively, coworkers more generously, and themselves more favorably. Further, such teams work harder, stay more focused and are generally more productive.

Other research shows that customers prefer to do business with people wearing clothing that matches their expectations. Proper company uniforms inspire confidence in your company’s professionalism, quality and consistency.

Team cohesion, productivity, and client trust are all important. But the right business uniforms do more. They provide consistent safety and protection for employees, they create a clear brand for your company and they offer easy functionality and workwear durability for demanding jobs.

All of this adds up to a competitive edge for companies that choose to suit up and become a team.

The Alsco Industrial Uniform Rental Program

Our uniform rental service set the industry standard for uniform rental companies. All Alsco services start with an Alsco representative learning about your unique business. Then we create a plan to fit your specific needs, including expert measuring, tailoring and clothing customization, a laundering and cleaning schedule and an employee turnover uniform exchange to ensure your uniforms are sharp, clean and always fit, all at a consistent and affordable price.

As part of our service, we identify and provide a clean and dirty uniform storage solution to keep your facility organized and ensure our services are efficient. After your work uniforms arrive, an Alsco representative will visit your facility on a regular schedule to safely retrieve dirty laundry, deliver clean company uniforms and identify any needed additions or changes to your plan.

Why Rent Rather Than Buy?

When you buy work uniforms, you’re stuck with what you get. You have to launder, maintain, repair, track and replace all items yourself. Additionally, employee turnover results in inventory losses and additional work measuring and ordering new custom items to match your existing uniforms. Often items you initially bought are no longer available from your suppliers, requiring additional custom tailoring costs and an inconsistent look for your staff. This is expensive, inefficient, inconsistent and tedious to manage while keeping focused on your business priorities.

Renting is cheaper, easier, more consistent and more efficient.

Employee Turnover Costs: When you rent from Alsco you don’t sustain loss due to team-member turnover. Instead, an Alsco representative simply picks up the old uniforms and issues new, custom-fit uniforms to your new employee.

Repair & Maintenance Costs: When you rent, Alsco monitors the condition of your work uniforms. Needed repairs are made while items are in the shop for their regularly scheduled laundering. When they wear out, Alsco simply replaces them with new items.

Always Clean & Sharp: When you rent from Alsco, you always have a fresh supply of clean work uniforms. Dirty laundry is tucked away in specially designated storage bins designed for your safety and convenience. Fresh uniforms are placed in storage lockers or other designated areas to keep them fresh and clean until needed.

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