Safety: the sidekick of success.Safety: the sidekick of success.
Health & Safety
Safety: the sidekick of success.

Health and Safety Services

Safety is an integral part of any team’s success. No matter the inherent risks involved in a project, team members work harder and produce more when they don’t have to worry about their own safety. The best way to mitigate risk is to infuse your process with practices and equipment designed to protect your team while enhancing their ability to accomplish the task at hand.

Alsco’s health and safety equipment—including our Perfect MixSM cleaning chemical management system, OSHA- and ANSI/ISEA-compliant first aid cabinets, floor mats, wet and dry mops, microfiber mops, industrial towel, high-visibility clothing, flame-resistant uniforms, and PPE from gloves to isolation gowns—can help you design and supply an effective safety program to improve your safety, reduce your risk and enhance your productivity.

Automotive workers placing a mat on the ground.

Our health and safety services are comprehensive, informed and successful. Let our broad offering of high-quality name-brand industrial health and safety supplies give your teams confidence and security so they can minimize downtime due to accidents and injury while focusing on productivity and your business priorities.

Our health and safety services focus on five areas: Cleaning and sanitation, first aid supplies, floor safety, general safety and personal protective equipment. Whatever your safety needs, we have equipment and experts who can help you accomplish your goals.

Cleaning and Sanitation

Perfect Mix, our simple All FreshSM cleaning chemical management system, will help you make sure you always have exactly the right cleaning supplies you need, neatly organized and regularly refreshed by our Alsco representatives.

First Aid

First aid is a critical part of any organization’s health and safety equipment. Your Alsco professional will customize, organize and maintain our wall-mounted business and industrial fixed-cost first-aid kits to make sure you always have OSHA- and ANSI/ISEA-compliant emergency first aid when you need it.

Floor & General Safety

Standing fatigue and slips are some of the primary causes of workplace injury. Our floor mats and safety mats, including our custom logo mats, can significantly reduce downtime and minimize injury due to accidents. We also offer wet and dry mops, microfiber mops and industrial towels to help you keep your floors safe and clean.

Alsco’s wide array of high-quality, customizable high-visibility uniform and clothing options, along with our flame-resistant uniforms and outfits, manufactured by brands you know and trust, are designed to keep your team safe in demanding environments while remaining flexible, breathable and comfortable. Let Alsco design the perfect uniform package to meet your needs.

Personal Protective Equipment

Proper PPE can be difficult to procure on your own. Let Alsco keep you supplied with safety gloves, face masks and face shields and safety and isolation gowns.

Proper use of safety gloves can protect both your employees and your customers. Let Alsco help you choose from our array of color-coded gloves, including our semi-formfitting TPE gloves; our strong vinyl gloves and our comfortable, chemical resistant and formfitting nitrile gloves.

Our reusable face masks are perfect for employees in a crowded work environment and those who interact with clients and the public. And for certain applications, our disposable isolation gowns can help keep your staff safe from dangerous contaminants.

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