Hotel housekeeping sign that says, "Please Make Up Room"
2021 Guide for Room Cleaning in Motels & Hotels

A clean hotel or motel room should always include a nicely made bed, an overall clean look and a sparkling bathroom. Guests expect to walk […]

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Paper Towel Dispenser and Alsco Towel
Paper Towels vs. Cloth Towels: Being Hygienic, Clean & Green

Cloth towels come out on top of paper towels in terms of cleanliness and overall cost. When it comes to managing your expenses and having […]

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Mechanic working on car
How to Get Grease Out of Clothes: a Step by Step Guide

There is no doubt that greasy foods – French fries, cheese, pasta tossed with olive oil, even fish like salmon or sardines – are delicious […]

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Bartender drying off cocktail shaker with an Alsco hand towel.
How to Get Towels to Stop Shedding: 10 Tips & Tricks

Fresh, fluffy towels are a staple in any well-appointed bathroom, but getting covered in towel fuzzies is unpleasant. In some cases, this happens not only […]

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Blue uniform shirts on hangers.
What to Do with an Old Uniform

What happens once a uniform is worn out or is no longer needed? There are more options than just tossing it out to the curb […]

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Landscapers wearing Alsco's lightweight work pants.
Choosing the Best Lightweight Work Pants

When it comes to getting through the summer heat or working in a warm climate, wearing the right lightweight pair of work pants makes all […]

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colored fabrics for uniforms and table linens
How Uniform Colors Impact Your Brand & Business

Choosing the color of uniforms for your business can play a huge role in positioning your brand to receive the desired effect in the marketplace. […]

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Dress Code Policy Template for Businesses and Employees

Establishing a dress code policy ensures that employees uphold an overall acceptable appearance, understand what appropriate attire is and understand the consequences of breaking the […]

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Alsco employee sewing on a patch to our uniform
How to Sew a Patch on a Uniform: Step-by-Step Guide

Whether you are sewing a name patch on a breast pocket, a large company logo patch on the back or small patches on the sleeve […]

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Two people shaking hands in an agreement.
Employee Uniform Agreement Sample Template

There are many reasons employers issue employee uniform agreements. The purposes and benefits of uniforms include building team unity, creating brand awareness, fostering professionalism among […]

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