Quality care for those who care.Quality care for those who care.
Quality care for those who care.

Healthcare Rental Services

Quality healthcare rental services can raise the image of your entire facility. When you use top-quality linens and uniforms from Alsco, you can be assured you will receive hygienically clean, quality linens with every delivery—saving your facility money in the long run while also enhancing your facility’s professional reputation.

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Medical Uniforms

Healthcare / Clinic

At Alsco, we are committed to providing consistent, hygienically clean and high-quality products. To help protect patients, staff, and visitors, HealthAssure® by Alsco services employ a three-tier processing system that meets all safety guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and The Joint Commission (TJC).

  • Right Time ensures that uniforms and linens are washed to meet strict hygienically clean healthcare standards and remove contaminants.

  • Right Temperature eliminates bacteria and spores.

  • Right Treatment guarantees proper handling of garments and linens, including appropriately applying chemicals and detergents and professionally finishing and wrapping garments to meet customers’ needs.

Alsco’s TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification

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