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Alsco Healthcare Products & Services

Reliable, efficient healthcare demands a safe, clean environment; fresh uniforms; and plenty of PPE and linens. Alsco’s healthcare supplies and services are specifically designed to support these needs. Our uniform and linen rental and laundering services, which include scrubs, lab and doctor coats, patient gowns, and more, keep your employees and clients properly clothed. Our health and safety products and services keep your employees and clients safe. And facility service products from Alsco help keep your offices and clinics comfortable and clean.

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Medical Uniforms

Scrubs & Uniforms

Working in healthcare, you’re on the front lines of the battle for well-being. You need a uniform that’s fit for the job, and Alsco is your cure. We partner with leading healthcare uniform manufacturers to bring you the highest-quality scrubs, medical uniforms, isolation gowns and lab coats. Through our rental and cleaning program, we keep you and your staff comfortable, hygienically clean and looking sharp every day.

Our medical uniform rental services set the industry standard for uniform rental. Your Alsco representative will work with you to create a custom plan to fit your needs. Employees are measured, a laundering and cleaning schedule is designed and an employee turnover uniform exchange program is put in place to ensure your uniforms are always sharp and clean, all at a consistent and affordable price.


Alsco’s commercial linen cleaning service keeps you and your team consistently clean, saves you time and effort and provides a predictable cost structure at an affordable price. Alsco’s extensive line of linens are durable and smart. With many offerings, from plush hospitality towels to hygienically clean medical utility towels, Alsco is your one-stop linen service company, covering all of your linen needs. 

Patient Gowns

High-quality patient gowns send your patients the message that you genuinely care for their well-being and lend healthcare facilities a professional feel. Alsco offers a wide variety of patient gowns and patient wear to help protect your clients and keep them comfortable while they are in your care.


Safety is an integral part of any team’s success. No matter the inherent risks involved in the job, team members work harder and produce more when they don’t have to worry about their safety. The best way to mitigate risk in a healthcare environment is to infuse your process with practices and equipment designed to protect your team while enhancing their ability to accomplish the task at hand.

Alsco’s health and safety equipment — including our OSHA- and ANSI/ISEA-compliant first-aid cabinets, eyewash stations, AEDs, floor mats, protective medical uniforms, medical linens, isolation gowns and other PPE — can help you design and supply an effective safety program to improve employee and patient safety, reduce risk and enhance productivity.


Customers judge a company by its cleanliness. Alsco’s restroom services provide you with all the soap, towels, toilet paper, seat covers and feminine hygiene products you need, all in sturdy-yet-elegant dispensers for all single-use and disposable items. We also supply many styles of mats and rugs for areas throughout your business, including anti-slip rugs for entries and exits, cushioned anti-fatigue mats for standing areas, bathroom mats for toilet and washing stations and logo mats for high-visibility areas.

Our Perfect MixSM cleaning chemical management system is designed to keep you fully stocked with just the right amount of cleaning chemicals and products. Our wet and dry mops, as well as our microfiber mops and job-specific towels, help keep your floors and fixtures spotless.

HealthAssure Promise

Alsco is more than a uniform and linen laundry service. We offer the highest-quality products and services built on more than 130 years of experience in the industry, and we do so with the HealthAssure Promise. We promise to keep your team, business and community safe and healthy while providing our hygienically clean laundry services to your healthcare facility. 

Our HealthAssure Promise is backed by trusted, independent certification programs and professionals that certify our products, processes and service will be hygienically clean when delivered to you, our customers. Ask your Alsco representative about certifications at your local Alsco branch.

Alsco’s TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certification

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