Always clean. Always fresh.Always clean. Always fresh.
Linen Cleaning
Always clean. Always fresh.

Linen Cleaning Services

No matter your company’s size, running a business is hard work. Multiple demands are constantly pulling at your attention and using up your limited time. You’ve got enough on your plate already. Laundry shouldn’t be a distraction. Alsco’s 130 years’ experience as a linen cleaning service means we set the industry standard for linen cleaning. Whether you need a restaurant linen cleaning service, an industrial linen service, or a hotel linen cleaning service, Alsco is the expert you need. Let our linen rental and commercial linen cleaning services keep you, your staff and your customers comfortable and clean every day.

People cleaning industrial linen.
Packaged and cleaned linens.

Reliably Clean

Alsco’s linen cleaning service uses custom NPE-free laundering formulas scientifically tailored to your specific type of fabric and your laundering needs. Custom formulas allow us to get your linens hygienically clean, removing even the most stubborn stains. They also require fewer harsh chemicals per cleaning, so your linens last longer and your customers have a neater, cleaner and more comfortable experience. Because your linens need to be replaced less frequently, and you never have to do the laundry yourself, Alsco’s linen laundry service saves you both time and money, all while keeping you at your first-impression best.

Environmentally Friendly

Our commitment to environmentally sustainable practices begins with our scientifically tailored detergents and laundering formulas. Mixing custom cleaning agents as needed for each load reduces the volume of harsh chemicals required to keep your linens clean. Fewer chemicals used means a cleaner world.

But it doesn’t stop there. Alsco’s process also filters waste, keeping more of the chemicals required out of downstream waterways. In addition, after filtering wastewater, we reuse the cleaned water for additional linen laundering services, using less water overall so there’s more to go around. Perfecting these processes has allowed Alsco to reduce our overall water usage by 50% over the past 10 years alone.

Finally, our heat-recapture process allows us to convert the heat-energy in wastewater into usable energy for operating our equipment, reducing our overall energy consumption significantly.

These three processes, along with other innovative solutions, allow Alsco’s linen laundry services to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, cut our water use and decrease our chemical waste, keeping our world as clean as your newly laundered linens.

Always on Time

When you use Alsco’s linen cleaning service your dirty linens are stored in a storage bin provided by Alsco. This keeps your employees and customers safe, while making pickup and delivery of your laundry quick and easy for us. An Alsco representative then picks up your dirty linens on a regular schedule designed to meet your needs. Your Alsco representative will monitor usage and communicate with you to make sure your plan is consistently meeting your business requirements. Fresh linens will be left in a previously designated space for your use. When adjustments are needed, your representative will add or modify any part of your plan to help keep your service running smoothly and your customers satisfied.

Because we offer a consistent service, your linen laundry budget is also consistent, keeping your spending manageable and predictable over time. And our fair and competitive pricing lowers your overall costs, keeping you in the black while keeping your linens out of it.

So why choose Alsco’s linen laundry service? Alsco’s competitive pricing and consistent cost structure is more predictable, our laundry services save you time and effort over laundering your own linens and our system is efficient, delivering a consistent level of cleanliness and keeping you, your team and your customers clean and happy.

Which Industries Need Alsco's Linen & Uniform Laundry Services?

Anyone who uses linens of any kind, including napkins, tablecloths, towels, bedding, uniforms, clothing or protective wear, can benefit from our commercial linen service. Here are a few specific industries that most often rely on Alsco’s premium industrial linen and uniform services. Which best fits your needs?

Fitness - Gyms, yoga studios, health clubs. Product/service: towels.

Travel - Resorts, hotels, motels, lodges, bed & breakfasts. Product/service: bedding, towels & bath linens, uniforms.

Medical - Hospitals, medical clinics, dental offices, medical testing facilities, veterinarian clinics, physical therapy clinics. Product/service: uniforms, bedding, towels & bath linens, protective wear.

Schools - Pre-schools, k-12 schools, colleges & universities. Product/service: towels.

Industrial - Mechanic shops, construction companies, industrial manufacturing companies, automotive shops, maintenance companies. Product/service: uniforms, protective wear, towels.

Spas - Day spas, spa resorts, massage therapy clinics, saunas, beauty salons, tanning salons. Product/service: towels & bath linens, bedding, uniforms.

Food - Restaurants, bars, cafes, diners, coffee shops, eateries. Product/service: table linens, uniforms, kitchen towels.

Vacation - AirBnB, Vrbo, FlipKey, HomeToGo, Tripping, and other small private vacation rental owners. Product/service: towels & bath linens, bedding, kitchen towels.

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