With over 4 million workplace injuries occurring every year in the United States alone, first aid supplies and first aid kits for business are more than just an OSHA requirement — they are an ethical responsibility. But building and managing a properly equipped business first aid kit is confusing, time consuming and often expensive. Additionally, many companies that supply first aid kits for businesses include items in their kits you are unlikely to ever use. And often those assigned responsibility for first aid kit maintenance within companies fail to keep supplies up to date, well organized and fully stocked, leaving too many companies unprepared when accidents occur.


You need proper first aid services. You need Alsco first aid cabinets and first aid kit restocking services.


Your Alsco representative fulfills your first aid kit service, which means your first aid kit will be checked and restocked weekly during your representative’s regular visit. No need to worry about being out of critical items when an accident occurs. With Alsco’s first aid kit restocking service, you can be confident that necessary supplies will be there when you need them most. With multiple kit sizes to choose from, customizable to your specific business needs and requirements, you can be confident you will have what you need.


Too often do-it-yourself (DIY) first aid kits for business end up messy and disorganized. The last thing you need in an emergency, when time is critical, is to waste time rummaging through a disorganized box of bandages, ointments and solutions.

Alsco’s first aid cabinet service is designed with ease of use in mind to help even panicky, untrained employees quickly find the right remedy. All items are clearly labeled and stored in marked, designated modules with like items, and all items are secured in-place to keep them from getting mixed up or lost. With an Alsco first aid kit and Alsco’s first aid kit restocking service, you can efficiently and confidently find the items you need most, confident that when you need them, all items will be there and be up to date.


All Alsco commercial and industrial first aid kits for business meet the standards for both OSHA and ANSI/ISEA, which means you will be not only prepared for an emergency but also without worry about first aid compliance issues when workplace safety agencies come calling. No matter what your industry or business, Alsco has a regulation-compliant cabinet for you.


Many DIY and off-the-shelf (OTS) first aid kits wind up filled with unnecessary items that make you feel like you’re more prepared or that you’re getting a better deal than you really are. Unnecessary items not only confuse users during an emergency, potentially leading to delays in treatment or even improper treatment, but also waste your money and affect your bottom line. Additionally, unpredictable maintenance costs add up, creating fluctuations in your spending and unnecessary costs.

Alsco offers first aid kit services at a low, flat weekly cost that evens your budget and gives you confidence that you’re paying for only what you need.


DIY and OTS kits often sit neglected until critical medicines and other supplies expire and are no longer useful. But not with Alsco’s first aid kit restocking service. Because your Alsco representative regularly reviews and restocks used items and replaces expired ones, your first aid kit for business is always up to date and ready when you need it.


As with almost all critical business items, you usually come out ahead by letting experts in the field provide you with the service you need. Alsco is a leading expert in critical OSHA- and ANSI-compliant industrial first aid kits and is eager to help you maintain a healthy, happy team, ready for emergencies, at an affordable and predictable price. Talk to your Alsco representative today for first aid supplies that last.


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