Worry-free first aid services.Worry-free first aid services.
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Worry-free first aid services.

First Aid Cabinets & First Aid Rental Services

We offer one low weekly price and a worry-free service that ensures your first aid cabinet is fully stocked and compliant.

With Alsco, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily manage your budget with one low, fixed, weekly cost.

  • Save time you currently spend managing your first aid program.

  • Ensure your business is in compliance with the minimum workplace standards for OSHA and ANSI/ISEA.

  • Quickly find the supplies you need to take care of an emergency.

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First Aid Services

Your First aid cabinet is for emergencies, but it’s not designed for them.

Problems with self-run and leased cabinets include some of the following:

  • Not organized in a useful manner

  • Critical time lost to find supplies you need quickly

  • Difficult to maintain

  • Shortages or expired products

  • Expensive, with unpredictable charges month to month

Alsco eliminates these hassles with worry-free first aid services.

The most critical element in first aid is time. Don’t waste it.

With Alsco’s prepackaged grab-and-go modules, you can feel confident you’ve got everything you need to quickly handle:

  • Minor Wounds

  • Serious Wounds

  • Eye Wounds

  • Burns

  • Body Fluid Cleanup

  • Resuscitation

We feature vibrant blue bandages made with tough adhesives to ensure your bandages stay put.

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