FR clothing is a cornerstone of workplace safety wherever employees are likely to come into contact with flames or electrical arcs during the course of their work. But not all fire-resistant clothing is the same. Some fire-resistant clothing stores may carry options that look similar, but use inferior fabrics and less effective fire-resistant technology.

Alsco’s extensive catalog of Bulwark® flame-resistant clothing meets the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 2112-2012 standard on flame-resistant garments for protection of industrial personnel against flash fire and the NFPA 70E standards for electrical fire safety, protecting you and your team from both flash fire and arc flash risk.

Unlike flame-retardant clothing treated with chemicals that may wear off over time, our fire-resistant clothing is made of fabrics that naturally resist burning. This means no matter how many times you wash your uniform, it will still keep you safe.

Let our rental and cleaning program keep you and your staff comfortable, clean and sharp, while keeping your team safe from potential burns with our quality flame-resistant clothing.


Alsco’s line of customizable Bulwark® FR pants and shirts are both safe and rugged, with numerous design features and specialty options to customize your safety plan. With FR pants and shirts meeting both the NFPA 2112-2012 and NFPA 70E, along with numerous customization options, Alsco’s protective FRC clothing will help you and your crew meet the highest standards and keep your team both comfortable and safe. Add our emblem and embroidery services to turn your employees into a real team, presenting a united image to each other and your customers. For all your uniform needs, Alsco has you covered.

Our offerings include:

  • FR work shirts & uniform shirts
  • FR work pants & bibs
  • FR coveralls
  • FR jackets and coats
  • High Visibility FRC options


Our commitment to environmental sustainability begins with our scientifically tailored detergents and laundering formulas. Mixing custom cleaning agents as needed for each load reduces the volume of harsh chemicals required to keep your uniforms clean.

Alsco’s process also filters waste, keeping more chemicals out of downstream waterways. We then reuse the cleaned water for additional uniform laundering services, using less water overall. This has allowed Alsco to reduce our overall water usage by 50% over the past ten years alone.

Finally, our heat-recapture process allows us to convert the heat-energy in wastewater into usable energy for operating our equipment, significantly reducing our overall energy consumption.

These processes allow Alsco’s uniform laundry services to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, reduce water use and reduce chemical waste, making our world cleaner while keeping your team safe and hygienic in freshly laundered FR clothing.


All Alsco services start with an Alsco representative learning about your business and tailoring a plan to fit your needs, including measuring, tailoring, clothing customization, a laundering and cleaning schedule and an employee turnover uniform exchange to ensure your uniforms are sharp, clean, protective and always fit, all at a consistent and affordable price.

We also identify and provide a clean and dirty uniform storage solution to keep your facility organized and ensure our services are efficient. After your FR uniforms arrive, an Alsco representative will visit your facility on a regular schedule to retrieve dirty laundry, deliver clean safety workwear and identify any needed changes to your plan.


When you buy uniforms, you’re stuck with what you get. You have to launder, maintain, repair, track, and replace all items yourself. Employee turnover results in inventory losses and more work measuring and ordering new items to match your existing uniforms. Often items you bought are no longer available, requiring additional tailoring costs and an inconsistent look for your staff. This is expensive, inefficient, inconsistent and tedious to manage while maintaining focus on your project priorities.

Renting is cheaper, easier and more efficient.

Employee Turnover Costs: When an employee leaves while renting from Alsco, an Alsco representative picks up their old gear and issues new, custom-fit uniforms to your new employee.

Repair & Maintenance Costs: When you rent uniforms, the condition of your FR clothing is monitored by Alsco. We make needed repairs while your clothing items are in the shop for regularly scheduled laundering. And when they wear out, Alsco simply replaces them with new items.

Always Clean & Sharp: When you rent from Alsco, you always have a fresh supply of clean FR clothing. Dirty laundry is tucked away in specially-designated storage bins. Fresh uniforms are placed in storage lockers or designated areas to keep them fresh until needed.


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