Dressed to clean.Dressed to clean.
Cleaning Uniforms
Dressed to clean.

House Cleaning Uniforms

An unprofessional and inconsistent housekeeping team makes for an inhospitable first impression your clients won’t quickly forgive.  House cleaning uniforms by Alsco are the perfect solution. When you and your crew show up in neat, clean Alsco uniforms, your customers will get the message that your work is as clean and consistent as your look, building trust in your professionalism.

Housekeeping uniforms have the added benefit of turning your employees into a single cohesive troop. Psychological studies show that when your crew feels like a team they get more done, act more professionally, and feel more camaraderie, which lowers employee turnover and improves your bottom line.

Don’t get dirty looks from your customers over careless cleaning outfits. Put your people in hygienic, sharp and professional cleaning uniforms from Alsco.

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Two works cleaning a building interior.

Our Gear

Housekeeping uniforms and cleaning company uniforms from Alsco are made by trusted name brand manufacturers from high quality fabrics built to repel stains, resist wrinkling, wick sweat and remain strong through the flexing and abrasions of your demanding job.

Alsco’s in-house customization process allows us to better brand you and your team with a consistent look across multiple styles, while our cost-effective cleaning uniform rental program levels your costs and lightens your load.

Meanwhile, the laundering service integrated in our rental program ensures your crew always has a supply of clean and tidy hospitality and housekeeping uniforms available when needed.

Choose from a wide selection of uniform types, including:

  • Housekeeping uniforms

  • Polos and collared shirts

  • Dress & button down shirts

  • Adjustable bib & cobbler aprons

  • Smocks

  • Button front and double breasted tunics

  • Lapel dresses

  • Mock wrap tops

  • Scrub tops & bottoms

Why Rent Rather Than Buy?

When you buy cleaning uniforms, you’re stuck with what you get. You have to launder, maintain, repair, track and replace all items yourself. Additionally, employee turnover results in inventory losses and additional work measuring and ordering new custom items to match your existing uniforms. Too often when this happens shops find that the original uniform is no longer available, resulting over time in a mismatched and unprofessional looking team. Because of this, outfitting you and your employees yourself is more expensive, less efficient and more tedious to manage while still focusing on your larger business priorities, with less professional overall results.

Renting is cheaper, easier and more efficient.

Employee Turnover Costs: When you rent from Alsco you don’t have loss due to team-member turnover. Instead, an Alsco representative simply picks up the old housekeeping uniforms and issues new, custom-fit uniforms to your new employee.

Repair & Maintenance Costs: When you rent your uniforms, Alsco monitors the condition of your cleaning services uniforms. When needed, repairs are made while clothing items are in the shop for their regularly scheduled laundering. When they wear out, Alsco simply replaces them with new items. No muss, no fuss. You don’t even have to order the repairs. Your Alsco representative is on top of it.

Always Clean & Sharp: When you rent from Alsco, you always have a fresh supply of cleaning outfits. Dirty laundry is tucked away in conveniently-designed storage bins or out-of-the-way laundry bags. Fresh uniforms are placed in storage lockers or other designated areas to keep them neat and clean.

Environmentally Sustainable: Alsco’s laundry services utilize custom processes that minimize chemical use, capture chemical residue, clean and reuse waste water, reduce overall water usage, recapture energy from hot processes and release only clean water back into the environment. Alsco is committed to keeping the world we live in as clean as the cleaning uniforms we put on you and your team.

The Alsco Way: Among house cleaning uniform suppliers, Alsco’s comprehensive customizable service sets the standard. Our commitment to professional and efficient service at a reasonable and consistent price is legendary. That’s why Alsco has been an industry leader for more than 130 years. Let Alsco turn your workforce into a model team, while keeping them clean, protected and comfortable all day long.

Legendary Service

Our cleaning services uniforms and housekeeping uniform rental service sets the industry standard for uniform rental. All Alsco services start with an Alsco representative learning about your unique business. Then we design a plan to fit your particular needs, including expert measuring, tailoring, embroidery and clothing customization, a laundering and cleaning schedule, and an employee turnover uniform exchange to make sure your house cleaning uniforms are sharp, clean and always fit, all at a consistent and affordable price.

Do you have a varied work environment with multiple specific safety, mobility and durability requirements? Do you need help choosing the right cleaning outfits for your team? Do you need a custom laundering schedule? Our experts will listen to your needs and guide you to the perfect solution. We get it right because you need it right. We only succeed when you succeed.

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