Top 3 Benefits of Employee Uniforms

Employees and businesses both benefit from employee in uniform. Uniforms shape the first impression made by the customer. Uniforms advertise the company brand and portray a professional image. They can also be an added level of safety and comfort for employees and build unity and a team approach.

The top 3 benefits of employee uniforms are that they create a professional image, provide a safe and comfortable work environment and promote company pride, team unity and reduce employee burden.

1. Uniforms Create a Professional Image

When it comes to first impressions, you want your business to stand out for all of the right reasons. Having employees in uniforms is one step to making sure that first impression leaves a good lasting impression.

And it’s not just speculation, a study performed by JD Power and Associates, backed by the Association for Linen, Uniform and Facility Services Industry (TRSA), discovered consumers prefer to see employees dressed professionally in employee uniforms.


When employees dress in company uniforms, the professional image adds to the following:

  • Consumers trust employees to be competent and knowledgeable

  • Products are believed to be of higher quality

  • FREE

    advertising for your company

  • Promote company and brand

  • Easily identifiable employees

  • Better overall customer experience

  • Leads to return customers

Let’s dive into each of these company uniform benefits a little bit more.

Employees in uniform portray a more professional image along with an image of competency. Studies found a direct correlation to consumers trusting employees to be more knowledgeable about products when dressed in an employee uniform.

Products offered by uniformed employees were maintained to be of a higher quality.

Another benefit of employee uniforms is that the uniforms provide free advertising. Think about employees heading out on a lunch break. Employees in uniform promote your company and brand. Those company uniforms are a traveling billboard for every stop that employee makes. More recognition translates into more business.

Have you ever stopped by a business and needed to ask an employee a question but couldn’t pick one out? Work uniforms quickly and easily identify representatives working at a business. Employees in uniform are easily distinguished and identifiable.

With that, staff is more easily approached with questions or requests and that equates to a better overall customer experience. Customers are more likely to become return customers in a store or business with employee uniforms.


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2. Uniforms Provide a Safe and Comfortable Work Environment

Providing your employees with a safe and comfortable workspace is a necessity. Having your employees in uniform protects not only them but can benefit your business as well. When it comes to safety and comfort of employees, the benefits are far reaching and include all of the following.

  • Protection with

    and FR regulated Uniforms

  • Reduced Liability

  • Reduced Cross-Contamination

  • Eliminates Need for Employee to Select Attire

  • Weather Appropriate Workwear Means Comfortable Workwear

  • Increased

    Job Performance

  • Quality Work Environment

Uniforms provide a variety of safety measures from protecting an employee working in the electrical industry from a fire related injury with flame resistant (FR) workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), to colors and styles that quickly identify employees in a specific work zone.

In industries that require specific categories of PPE, providing uniforms that meet regulations reduces liability and can easily provide employees with additional protection that may not be needed, but will bring the peace of mind knowing employees are properly and effectively protected.

In other industries like food processing, food services, and healthcare, uniforms are designed to reduce cross-contamination. Lab coats and chef whites are coverings that can be easily removed when moving from a contaminated area to a clean environment. Uniforms like those with snap front buttons make removing after a spill quick and easy.

Providing appropriate workwear eliminates the need for staff to select their own clothing. This proves to have multiple benefits including comfort in differing environments or hot weather and uniforms that are suited for specific day to day tasks.

Employees that perform routine jobs outdoors will find a breathable uniform effective and appreciated in the summer, or the multiple layers of a specific uniform perfect for a cold winter outdoor assignment.

When uniforms are provided, employees are kept safe and comfortable. Job performance increases in a more efficient way. Uniforms also create and maintain a quality work environment.

3. Uniforms Promote Company Pride, Team Unity and Reduce Employee Burden

A healthy work environment is crucial for employee happiness and overall well being. Employee uniforms can add to an enjoyable work environment by promoting company pride, building team unity and equality and converting employees into a high performing team sharing responsibility and goals. The benefits don’t stop there. Let’s explore the benefits in more detail.

  • Sense of belonging, equality and unity

  • Less stress put on employee to select proper attire and launder and

  • Portrays company approved brand

  • Promotes employee pride and responsibility

  • Converts workplace into high performance work

  • Uniform care programs reduce employee and company concern for maintenance and appearance of uniforms

Work uniforms ensure employees are dressed alike promoting equality and fairness. Uniform wearing workers feel a sense of team spirit and camaraderie and a sense of belonging. There is no stress or pressure in picking out the appropriate attire to wear to work.

Having uniforms provided by the employer makes it so all workers have the same benefit and advantage. No one is left without the correct protective equipment.

Being able to work in a team-oriented environment acts as a positive motivator and benefit for all employees. A team-oriented workplace helps instill a sense of pride and responsibility which converts the workplace into a high performance work environment.

Employer provided work uniforms relieve the burden of buying certain articles of clothing to be on brand with what the company wants to portray. This benefit can be a hiring point for potential employees. It is usually preferred by employees to have a uniform provided instead of having to purchase, launder, and maintain their own.

In an industry where work contaminants may be present, it is advantageous to provide uniforms and a laundering service so things like dirt, chemicals, ink and food stains can be taken care of for the employees on a commercial level. Contaminants are not meant to be laundered in a home machine over and over.

The care, cleaning, and maintenance of uniforms is a substantial benefit to both employees and companies. Employees and companies are both provided with clean and professional looking workwear and the benefits that bring.

Benefits of Employee Uniforms

Businesses and employees alike will benefit from company uniforms. Whether it is a professional image you are looking to portray, an added level of safety and comfort for your employees or building unity and a team approach in your workspace, employee uniforms assist in meeting your company’s needs and goals.

With the benefits of providing uniforms to employees having such a far reaching effect for businesses, it is easy to see where Alsco can help. Let Alsco be your company's partner in promoting your brand in a professional way and let the benefits that come for our uniforms speak for themselves. Reach out today.

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