How to Dress Up a Work Uniform: Stylish but Professional Tips

Wearing a company uniform has its benefits. Uniforms can build team unity and sustain a professional image, but what if that image starts to feel too similar among coworkers? It is important for employees to share their unique style while dressing up a work uniform.

When uniforms are worn in the workplace, it is easy for customers to pick out employees. However, it is also easy for employees to feel lost in a sea of blue company polos. Employees and colleagues want to feel unique.

You can’t dress up a uniform without first establishing a polished, professional look. From there, you can show your individual style by wearing a personalized accessory, piece of jewelry or colorful or fun socks. You can even take that professional look up a notch by adding some style. It all depends on the individual and what the company allows.

Choosing the Right Uniform

Think of the right uniform as a blank canvas that allows employees to create their own unique look. However, an ill-fitted uniform, no matter how dressed up or styled, will not create a professional image. The fit of the uniform is the most important aspect of style and professional image. Make sure each employee is measured correctly and wearing the correct sizes. If using a uniform rental service, such as Alsco, ask for personalized measurement assistance to ensure each uniform fits just right.

If the uniform comprises articles that are selected by the employees, make sure each item fits well and makes them feel great! For example, if the required uniform is a white polo or button-down shirt and khaki pants, opt for a flattering fit for the pants in the correct inseam and a shirt that is the right style and fit for an employees’ sleeve length, chest size and overall length. These small tips will ensure your uniforms look professional and polished.

Personalize the Uniform

Once the uniform is correctly fitted and the appropriate articles are selected, it can be personalized. Time for the fun! A uniform can be personalized by making changes to things such as hair, makeup and accessories while following workplace guidelines.

A necklace, statement earrings, colorful socks, a lapel pin, cufflinks or a belt are all great ways to add a bit of personality to a standard uniform. If a tie is part of the uniform, try out different ways of tying it. Each method creates unique looks.

Trying out new hairstyles is another way to stand out. Consider changing things up with makeup by applying the latest lipstick color or confidently adding the latest eyeliner trend. Keep in mind the company dress code anytime you try something new.

Build on a Solid Foundation


If a polished uniform is a blank canvas to decorate and personalize, it would not be what it is without a supportive, well-built foundation. Dressing up a uniform starts with what goes under it.

It is worth the money to invest in undergarments that fit and feel like they were made just for you. If a white T-shirt or undershirt is worn under a uniform, splurge on new ones to complete the overall look. Sporting a clean, company-issued polo with a dingy white undershirt will not portray a professional image. Take the time to ensure you feel great about what is under the uniform.

Look Like a True Professional

A work uniform is worn day in and day out and consists of clothing items that may require spending some extra money on. One tip to look like a true professional is to spend money on the right items. For example, if khakis are part of the uniform, the cheapest pair may not be the best pair. Yes, a uniform can be pricey, but it is something you will wear all the time. It should be good quality, well-made and comfortable. It should make the wearer feel their best. Here are some more tips for looking like a true professional:

  • Practice good hygiene to look the part.

  • Pay for a tailor. Having an article altered may not be as expensive as you think.

  • Wear shoes that complete the look. Take care of what’s on your feet.

  • Focus on the details. Press clothing items that need to be ironed and use a lint remover as needed.

Stylish and Professional

Following the tips discussed will produce a stylish, professional look that is unique. Starting with the correct foundation, adding properly fitted articles of clothing and building from there will create an overall polished look for any workplace. These tips will take that blank canvas of a uniform and make it into an individual masterpiece.

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