Commercial Cleaning Supplies List: 13 Must-Have Products

Commercial cleaning supplies are specially designed products to keep a professional environment clean and free of germs. Because employees and customers will be interacting in those areas throughout the day, it’s important that the environment is clean and hygienic. 

Ensure that your business is equipped with essential cleaning supplies and products is critical for protecting the safety of your customers and employees, meeting industry standards and providing a professional aesthetic that will enhance your reputation. 

A distinction exists between cleaning supplies and cleaning products. “Cleaning supplies” refers to general items used to perform the physical task of maintaining the cleanliness of a building. “Cleaning products” refers to the chemicals and solutions that are applied to surfaces and equipment in commercial environments to keep them clean and sanitized. 

Essential Cleaning Supplies

Some of the essential supplies you will need to keep your commercial environment clean include the following:

  1. Vacuum cleaner: A vacuum will ensure carpets and industrial rugs are regularly cleaned and well-maintained. Commercial vacuums are generally larger and more powerful than those designed for the home so they can handle the large amount of debris found in commercial settings without breaking down.

  2. Buckets: Buckets are essential for holding liquid and mixing solutions of cleaning ingredients that are primarily applied to the floors of commercial settings to keep them clean and shiny.

  3. Mops: A mop is necessary for removing dirt and grime from floors in commercial spaces and applying soap, water and disinfectant to keep these floors clean. You will need two mops: a wet mop and a dry mop. A dry mop is designed to pick up dirt, dust and debris. A wet mop is used to apply water and a cleaning solution to disinfect the floor and remove stains.

  4. Broom: Prior to mopping the floor, you will need a broom to sweep away large debris and dust that have accumulated. 

  5. Dustpan: You will need a dustpan to collect what was just swept up.

  6. Microfiber cloths: These cloths are necessary for more detailed cleaning, and you can use them once all large debris has been removed from the surface of your commercial equipment. It is advisable to have separate, color-coded cloths for bathroom and kitchen areas to prevent contamination.

  7. Glass cleaning cloths: These cloths are smooth to clean the surfaces of glass without leaving streaks. If you use general cleaning cloths on glass, you’ll be left with a cloudy or streak-filled finish.

  8. Industrial floor scrubber: If you manage a warehouse or other facility with extensive uncarpeted surfaces where many people enter and exit each day, you may need an industrial floor scrubber. If you only use one rarely, you can hire a cleaning service or rent a scrubber from Alsco.

  9. Gloves and mask: Rubber or latex gloves can protect your hands from bacteria when you are cleaning; gloves also can keep chemicals from coming into contact with your skin. You may need a mask, depending on the type of cleaning you are performing and the type of chemicals you are using. 

Essential Cleaning Products

As noted, cleaning products refer to the chemical ingredients and solutions that will disinfect the surface areas you clean in your commercial environment. Although the number of products available for commercial use are too numerous to list, they can be grouped into the following four categories:

  1. Detergents: Detergents work by breaking up dirt and making it easier to wash an area or item. Most detergents used in commercial environments are synthetic. They may come in liquid, power, crystals or gel form.

  2. Acids: Acids are powerful cleaning agents that can be used to remove deposits of mineral and rust, especially in restrooms.

  3. Abrasives: Abrasives are substances that can be used with a scrubbing action to remove dirt from harder surfaces. They are useful in commercial kitchens for removing food and grime, particularly when they are stuck to surfaces.

  4. Degreasers: As their name suggests, degreasers are designed to remove grease. White or methylated spirits were once commonly used as degreasers, but now there are nontoxic and non-fuming variations that can prevent chemical contamination. 

Alsco Can Supply Your Commercial Cleaning Supplies & Products

If you´re looking for all the essential cleaning supplies you need for your commercial environment, Alsco can help. You can rent the supplies you need from Alsco and also receive expert advice on how to keep your facility as clean as possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your commercial business and meet your cleaning needs.


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