Where to Place Industrial Rugs for Commercial Use

Industrial rugs are specially designed floor coverings made with a combination of durable materials such as acrylic fibers and recycled polypropylene materials. This makes them great options for businesses that experience a high level of foot and equipment traffic. 

These rugs have numerous benefits for businesses. They can also portray an industrial and minimalist aesthetic when decorating a home, apartment or chic hotel. 

You must decide where to place your industrial rug to optimize its aesthetic appeal and functionality. 

Benefits of Industrial Rugs

Industrial rugs have numerous benefits, but these are two most important:

  1. Floor protection: The most obvious purpose of industrial rugs is to protect floors in areas with heavy foot traffic. Industrial rugs are designed to withstand considerably more wear and tear than traditional rugs. High-quality industrial rugs can provide you with protection for several years.

  2. Aesthetic appeal: The second main benefit of industrial rugs is that they provide a professional aesthetic. They can help portray a positive message about a business to customers. Make sure they remain in good shape so that message stays positive.

Types of Industrial Rugs

Industrial rugs come in several types and varieties:

  • Commercial entrance rugs: As their name suggests, these rugs are designed to be placed at the entrance of commercial properties. These rugs offer moderate protection for general use in areas with moderate foot traffic. They are designed to protect flooring or carpeting and are placed directly over the entrance area to catch dirt and debris on occupants’ shoes.

  • Specialized dirt and water protection rugs: These have added protective capabilities. They are designed for businesses with heavy foot traffic or equipment usage. These rugs can be placed anywhere where heavy foot traffic or equipment may pass through.

  • Logo floor mats: These are industrial rugs that feature the logo of a company or business. You can special order these rugs from several locations if you plan on purchasing them for long-term use. However, if you only need a rug for temporary use, a logo floor mat may not be a viable option. 

Optimal Placement Locations

The optimal placement location for your industrial floor rug will depend on its purpose and the type of rug you have purchased. For example, a common location for many industrial rugs is in the entryway of a building, where the heaviest foot traffic will be. 

You can also purchase an industrial rug to protect specific areas of your building through which heavy equipment will pass or where maintenance (e.g., painting) will occur. This can help protect specific areas. 

Industrial rugs are relatively simple to install. Many are designed to be easily moved throughout a building based on your specific needs. If you can easily move them as needed, your investment will pay off over time.

If your building has many stairs, particularly near an entrance or exit, consider placing industrial rugs at the base and top of the stairs. This can help dry feet and catch debris, thus reducing the risks of dangerous slips and falls. 

The same is true of bathrooms, which may have slick floors. Because of this, the risk of falling is much greater than in other parts of the building. 

If you are a business manager, there are two main areas you should ensure having industrial rugs for safety purposes:

  1. Entrances and exits: These include front doors, side doors, back doors and any special employee entrances. 

  2. High-risk areas: These areas include bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, and around ice and beverage machines. Industrial rugs placed in these areas should ideally contain drain holes to capture dirt and debris. 

Using Alsco Uniforms for Your Industrial Rug Needs

Floor Mats from Alsco Uniforms can help protect your business from dirt and moisture in strategically placed locations. When you rent industrial mats, we take the work of ensuring your mats look great off your plate, helping you to keep your facility clean and safe.  

Contact us today to learn how we can meet your facility management needs. 


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