Best Way to Clean a Warehouse Floor & Keep It Clean

Warehouses are industrial environments exposed to heavy wear and tear based on foot traffic and equipment use. Warehouse floors are also often exposed to liquid and chemical spills, objects falling from high areas that create messes and the general accumulation of dirt and debris. 

If you are a business or warehouse manager, you understand that specialized cleaning supplies are required for cleaning and protecting the warehouse floor. You need industrial-level cleaning and protective supplies to keep your floor clean, safe and looking professional at all times. 

Best Way To Clean a Warehouse Floor

There is no single best way to clean a warehouse floor. The optimal way will depend on the type of business you run and the messes and hazards that can occur within the facility. 

The first step is determining whether you need a machine to grab large objects from the warehouse floor to allow for a deeper cleaning later. Depending on the type of business, there may be debris like pallet chips, bolts and nuts scattered on the floor that can cause damage to cleaning equipment. Therefore, it is best to begin the cleaning process with a heavy-duty cylindrical scrubber that can capture these large objects. 

The next step in cleaning your warehouse floor is to create a program in which regular sweeping occurs. This process should focus on removing drier and smaller debris remaining on the floor following the initial phase. 

There are two main categories of sweepers:

  1. Direct throw: These are designed to remove fine debris. They are similar to those you would find in movie theaters or restaurants. 

  2. Overthrow: These are designed to remove debris and automatically throw it into the hopper. These work better with large debris. 

You can then begin a deeper cleaning process using industrial products that are designed to remove stains or grease and also to restore the glossy appearance of the floor. 

Best Way to Keep a Warehouse Floor Clean

To keep your warehouse floor clean, you must regularly perform the abovementioned steps. Some facilities sweep and scrub daily, whereas others do so every other day or weekly. 

A consistent cleaning schedule is key to keeping your warehouse floor clean. In general, you should implement a broader sweeping schedule every day and then a more detailed sweep every other day or at least once a week. 

You can engage in a deeper clean and scrub weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on your needs and the standards you must adhere to in your industry. 

Benefits of Warehouse Floor Cleaning 

Regularly cleaning your warehouse floor can benefit both employees and customers. A clean floor protects employees from harmful chemicals or debris entering their eyes or airways. It also protects against falls by removing large objects or liquids from the floor. 

In addition, a clean environment can positively influence employee attitudes and engagement. At the same time, a dirty and unsafe environment can reduce morale and increase the stress level within the workplace. 

A clean floor portrays a sense of professionalism to customers, whereas a dirty floor can diminish customer trust. Some warehouses base their cleanliness levels on Michelin Star standards, which are commonly used in restaurants as an indicator of the facility's general level of cleanliness and hygiene (and the general quality). 

Let Alsco Uniforms Help Your Warehouse Floors Stay Clean

Purchasing industrial cleaning equipment for warehouse purposes can be expensive. However, there are alternative options, such as renting equipment. Alsco provides industrial cleaning rental services for warehouse purposes and is one of the most respected brands in the industry. 

Alsco Uniforms offers mats, mops, towels and cleaning products to help keep your warehouse clean. One of the main advantages of our service, is that we provide restocking services to help you maintain your cleaning schedule. For example, our All Fresh Perfect Mix System takes the hassle of sourcing cleaning chemicals out of your hands and ensures you are supplied with all of the chemicals you need to maintain the safest, cleanest and most professional environment possible.  

Contact us today to get started.


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