Uniform Services: What Separates the Best from the Competition

Here at Alsco, we like to think that we are the best uniform service in the business. After all, we pioneered uniform rentals way back in the 1800s. Yet we know that our customers are the final arbiters as to the quality of our service and garments. Our job is to meet customers’ every need to such a degree that they always consider us the best in the business.

That leads to the inevitable question: what makes a uniform service provider the best among all the others? What qualifies as “best” is rather subjective, but we believe there are a number of key things that qualify a uniform provider as being among the best if they are adhered to without compromise.

Customer-Focused Service

Uniform services are, first and foremost, a customer-facing business that succeeds or fails based on the quality of the service provided. In other words, your company can get uniforms from just about anywhere. You do not need to choose Alsco as your provider. Your company doesn’t even need to rent uniforms; instead, you could purchase them from the manufacturer and keep a company like ours out of the equation.

We get that. We understand that service is paramount to our customers. Every reputable linen provider does. This is why the best in our industry recognize the need for superior service and strive to provide it with every delivery cycle.


Uniform Selection

Because no two customers have the same goals for their company uniforms, clients need as many choices as possible. It is incumbent upon the uniform services provider to have a wide enough selection to meet the needs of every client.

If you run a restaurant, you are looking for aprons, server uniforms and kitchen work wear that enhance your brand and provide for worker safety. If you manage a hospital, you need a full selection of hygienic hospital linens along with uniforms for your doctors, nurses and allied staff.

Customer Support

When we speak of service, we are talking about things like linen deliveries, pickups and laundering. Customer support is another thing entirely.

The best uniform services employ competent and knowledgeable staff more than capable of answering any question and solving any problem that might come up. They staff the phones with real human beings rather than computerized customer services.

In short, the best in our business understand that weekly servicing is only half the equation. They also offer top-notch customer support to guarantee that problems are solved and questions answered immediately.

Knowledgeable Route Personnel

We believe that among the most visible hallmarks of the best in our industry are knowledgeable route personnel. A route driver is more than just someone who picks up and delivers uniforms. He or she is the face of the company and represents the service provider to the client. As such, that route driver needs to be thoroughly conversant in all things related to uniform rentals.

Customers dislike when their route drivers cannot answer their questions. A route driver who doesn’t know his or her business is little more than a courier, and that’s not what we want — nor is it what our clients want. We both want knowledgeable route personnel who know what they’re doing; people who know what they’re talking about whenever they discuss uniform services.

We’ll leave it to our customers to decide whether we’re the best in the business. Our task is to do such a good job that they're convinced.

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