Beyond Branding: 5 Ways Businesses Benefit from Uniforms

Does your business require employee uniforms? If so, why? The most common reason for implementing an employee uniform policy is branding. Seeing employees dressed uniformly, in professional clothing with the company’s name and logo, does wonders for branding. We would like to take the concept one step further by suggesting that there are other reasons for utilizing uniforms.

Your business can benefit from both uniforms and our uniform services in many ways that do not directly address your company’s brand. Nonetheless, such benefits are no less legitimate. In fact, these advantages provide further evidence that the uniform services we offer are important for companies.

Here are five ways businesses benefit from the use of uniforms:

1. Uniforms Encourage Company Pride.

By its very definition, a uniform sets a person apart from everyone else in the crowd. Your company’s uniforms set your employees apart. This is a good way to encourage employee pride in both the work they do and the employer they represent.

The company that works hard to foster good relationships with employees is a company that people want to work for. Couple that with attractive uniforms and you create an atmosphere where workers take pride in their job and the clothes they wear for it. Their uniforms declare they are members of a team they are proud to be a part of and work with.


2. Uniforms Enhance Security.

Because uniforms make it easy to identify employees, they enhance security considerably. People on your premises will always know the difference between employees and visitors, and in the event of an emergency, this could be important. Going one step further, our uniform services can provide different uniforms for different departments. Doing so makes it easier to know who should, and should not, be in protected areas.

3. Uniforms Save Employees Money.

Offering uniform services to employees saves them money by alleviating them of the responsibility of purchasing work clothes. This is an excellent fringe benefit that offers tangible value to employees without costing a great deal of money. Uniform services are one of the most affordable fringe benefits a company can embrace. And while it may seem small, employees do appreciate it.

4. Uniforms Improve Employee Safety.

In some professions the uniform is as much about safety as it is about branding. For example, high-visibility uniforms can prevent accidents in heavy traffic areas; flame-resistant uniforms can prevent burns and other injuries where employees work with open flames and/or electricity.

5. Uniforms Create an Image.

Finally, uniforms create an image of the company. While this may be related to branding, what we are really talking about is the image created in the minds of employees. Uniforms make employees feel more professional. That professional image will pay off in how employees interact with customers.

What We Can Do for You

Here at Alsco, we know a thing or two about employee uniforms. We were the very first to offer uniform services, way back in 1889. During the past 128 years, we have served all kinds of companies with uniforms; from small to big, we can offer reliable uniform rental services. We currently work with the automotive, food processing, industrial, restaurant, health-care, and building services industries.

If your company is not yet utilizing uniforms for employees, what’s holding you back? These five benefits just scratch the surface of what uniforms can do for your business. And whether you employ a staff of several hundred or fewer than a dozen, we can create a uniform services solution for you.

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