4 Restaurant Table Cover Ideas to Improve the Dining Experience

Table linens are cloths used to cover tables. Table linens can be made of disposable materials, allowing for single use. However, cloth table linens generally provide a much more upscale appearance, so they are often preferred.

The Benefits of Table Covers Table covers provide a wide range of benefits, including the following:

  • Aesthetic appeal: Table covers can be designed using numerous different materials, textures, colors, fits and patterns, allowing you to achieve a range of different looks and styles based on your individual preferences and overall goals for your restaurant.

  • Protection of the table: These cloths can protect table surfaces and legs from damage. This is particularly important if you are hosting a bustling event where such issues may occur, such as a graduation or birthday party.

  • Safety and cleanliness: Table covers can promote better hygiene because of their ability to be easily replaced or washed. This generally contributes to a cleaner and more hygienic restaurant setting.

  • Customization: You can order table covers with your restaurant’s logo or in various designs and color schemes. This allows for creative customization, ensuring that your table covers will be unique in style.

  • Better customer experience: Table covers can generally improve the appearance of your restaurant, which contributes to a better overall customer experience.

4 Ideas for How to Better Use Table Covers

Here is a list of tips for how to use table covers to improve your customers’ overall dining experience: 

1. Use Cloth Products

Using table covers made of cloth versus single-use, disposable options to improve the overall aesthetic of your restaurant. Linens are durable and can be washed regularly without wearing out. If you opt for a linen rental service like Alsco, you can ensure your restaurant linens always look fresh.

2. Vary the Design by Using Tablecloths With a Unique or Distinct Texture

In addition to different colors and styles, table covers are available in various textures; which offers an additional variable you can modify to achieve the restaurant style you are aiming for. 

3. Use Different Colors for Table Runners

Table runners are cloths draped over the center of a table. Offering protection as well as another way to enhance the setting’s visual appeal. Alsco offers table runners in several different colors to help you achieve the perfect style for your restaurant.

4. Use Table Covers with Various Patterns

Various patterns are available for table covers. For example, checkered table covers can work well for a Southern-themed restaurant or a barbecue-centered establishment. 

Additional Things to Consider When Choosing Table Covers

  • An important thing to consider when selecting a table cover is cost. Linen products are more expensive, but they also provide a more elegant appearance and last longer than many other materials.

  • Consider cleaning and maintenance costs. Table linens have to be washed regularly. In a fine dining establishment, cloth table covers are often changed out between guests. If you would like to have all your washing needs taken care of and ensure your table covers always look fresh and clean, consider a linen rental service such as Alsco.

  • Replacing linens can be expensive. Although people sometimes try to save money by buying table covers made of cheaper materials, ultimately end up costing you and your business more money than expensive linens, even if the initial cost is much lower. The most common materials used in table covers include polyester, cotton, silicone and vinyl. Materials vary substantially in their appearance, price and longevity. Renting your table linens is often a better choice because you don’t have to worry about replacement cloths

  • Remember that visual characteristics like color can affect people’s moods, whether they realize it or not. Choose colors and designs that align with the image and ambience you want your restaurant to embody. Brighter colors can provide a more festive ambience, which may be appropriate for restaurants that host numerous parties and events. Conversely, cooler, darker colors can provide a more relaxing and calmer ambience, more appropriate for fine dining restaurants. 

Considering each of these factors can help ensure you choose the table covers that best match your preferences and budget. 

How Alsco Can Help

Alsco’s food and beverage linen services are ideal for any dining establishment. Our table linens come in a wide range of colors, allowing you to set the aesthetic you want for your restaurant. Our high-quality linens are resistant to pilling and stains, so they always look fresh. Contact us today to learn more about how we can cover all your dining linen needs.


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