Elevate the dining experience.Elevate the dining experience.
Restaurant Linens
Elevate the dining experience.

Food and Beverage Linen

Make a great impression with your customers when you use Alsco’s high-quality, non-linting food and beverage linen. Your customers not only will prefer the softer feel, they’ll think more of your food, service, and restaurants ambiance. Whether is table cloths, placemats, or napkins – Alsco’s food and beverage linen provides a cleaner, more sanitary surface than bare tables, is better for the environment, and is certified hygienically clean and safer by NSF International—a trusted symbol in the industry.


Food and Beverage Linen

  • Has a soft and smooth feel that pampers the diner

  • Maintains its color consistency and resists stains and pilling

  • Remains fade resistant, ensuring that each table setting is beautiful

  • Is easy to fold

  • Comes in a variety of colors

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