Workwear for Auto Technicians: Three Things to Consider

Alsco is proud to say we serve the automotive industry with high-quality uniform rental service. We service two of the largest automotive dealership groups in the country. Our uniforms are ideal for the rough-and-tumble environment of the typical auto repair shop. In addition to uniforms, we supply our automotive industry clients with floor mats, first aid, shop rags, mops and more.

We want to focus on uniform rental in this post. It is entirely possible to run an auto dealership and not provide uniforms to workers. But we have found that those shops willing to supply uniforms are, in doing so, offering a little more to both their workers and customers. Uniforms improve branding and company visibility among customers and are an extra benefit to employees.

If you have been eyeing uniforms for your mechanics, we encourage you to consider the following three things:

1. The Auto Shop Is a Dirty Place

We don’t have to tell you that the shop is a dirty place. It is difficult for mechanics to come to work and not leave with at least some dirt on their clothing. More often than not, said dirt will become a stain if the clothing is not laundered properly. This is one of the big reasons for supplying worker uniforms.

The uniforms we offer for the automotive industry are made with fabrics known for their ability to release soil. This makes for easier laundering and uniforms that look cleaner for longer. Trust us when we say your techs will appreciate this.

2. The Auto Shop Is a Dangerous Place

You also know that the shop is a dangerous place. That’s why automotive workwear is made with tougher fabrics and resilient construction. Mechanics have to be protected against sharp objects, high temperatures, potentially harmful fluids and other hazards. A basic cotton T-shirt and a pair of casual slacks won’t suffice in the garage.

Our uniforms are made with ripstop fabric in most cases, and the fabric is industrial grade by nature. These properties provide increased protection to mechanics. They also insure that the uniforms last longer, even in the harsh environment of the garage.

3. The Auto Shop Is a Busy Place

The typical auto shop is a busy place. Bays are filled with cars as the techs work hard to get them running again. The bigger the shop, the more bays and techs. Meanwhile, the customer meet-and-greet area is where the service writers and managers work. They are the names and faces the customers interact with.

What does any of this have to do with uniforms? It is a matter of identification. Most of our automotive industry customers assign different uniforms to different members of the staff for easier identification. Auto techs might wear one color, while service writers might wear another. Management might be identified with white shirts.

All of this matters to customers because uniforms help them identify what type of employee they are dealing with at any given time. Repair shops are already a foreign environment to customers, so anything that can be done to set them at ease helps. And, yes, uniforms do that.

Rent Rather Than Buy

Auto shops can and do buy and launder their own uniforms. Some require employees to furnish uniforms themselves. Shops are obviously free to make their own choices. However, it is our opinion that uniform rental is the best way to go. If you would like to know more about Alsco uniforms for the automotive industry, visit us at

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