Why Renting Uniforms Might Be Better Than Buying Them

We have been in the uniform rental business long enough to know that renting isn’t right for everyone. But for those companies that choose rental over purchase, there are several advantages that make our services hard to beat. We would like to introduce you to those benefits. If your company is not yet using uniforms, now might be a good time to consider a rental program.

Uniform rental gets you the uniforms you need through a service that includes laundering, repairs and regularly scheduled deliveries. Let us tell you why renting uniforms might be better for your company than buying them.

Minimal Upfront Investment

Purchasing new uniforms for your entire staff could be expensive. This is especially true if you need workwear uniforms because they tend to cost more than uniforms without the same level of protection. So the first question to ask is whether you can afford to spend so much money upfront.

Uniform rental virtually eliminates upfront investment. Rather than buying a complete wardrobe of uniforms to outfit your employees, you sign the rental contract and pay for the first rental period. We will bill you for each subsequent rental period. You get uniforms right away at a low cost.

No Overhead

Purchasing uniforms requires that you have enough in stock to accommodate your workforce regardless of its size. Should you reduce your workforce, you then have extra uniforms you don’t need. And even if there are no workforce reductions, you’ll need extra uniforms in case employees need replacements — and that means costly overhead.

We all know that overhead is not good for the bottom line. The good news about uniform rental is that there is no overhead on your part. You rent only those uniforms you need at any given time. Should you reduce your workforce, we will reduce your uniforms accordingly. The same is true for increases. In short, you get only the uniforms you need. That means no overhead working against your bottom line.

No Management Responsibilities

A company-owned uniform program comes with a lengthy list of management responsibilities. Someone has to track inventory. Someone has to handle laundering. Someone has to take care of repairs. A great deal of effort must go into maintaining a company-owned uniform inventory.

Switch to uniform rental, and those management issues go away. We handle them all. We own the uniforms, so we take care of inventory tracking, laundering and repairs. We even deliver clean uniforms on a regular schedule, so you don’t have to worry about whether your employees will be properly dressed.

Uniforms contribute to the image customers have of your company. You want to project a professional image. Can you do that with purchased uniforms? Yes, but it takes much work and a significant investment.

Uniform rental makes presenting a professional image easier by leaving your uniforms in the hands of experts. We know uniforms backwards and forwards because it’s what we do. We know how to create a professional image, and we have a vested interest in ensuring that image is both professional and consistent at all times.

Your company can buy and maintain its own uniforms; many companies do. But there are benefits to renting. We hope you will consider whether uniform rental is the best option for your company.

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