Why Now is a Good Time to Start Renting Uniforms

We recently published a blog post explaining why healthcare workers should not wear scrubs home in the current COVID-19 environment. We want to expand on that post by applying some of the same principles to uniforms in general. Now might be the right time to start renting uniforms instead of purchasing them and having employees wash them at home.

Alsco has been in the uniform rental business for more than 130 years. We are intimately familiar with all the benefits of renting uniforms.

Carrying Contamination Around

A big reason healthcare worker should not wear scrubs home is the potential for carrying contamination around with them and into their homes. Studies have shown that scrubs and lab coats pick up all sorts of germs during the course of a normal workday. We would expect as much. When healthcare workers wear their uniforms home, they take those germs with them.

The same is true for any type of industry or business. Perhaps you run the local office of a package delivery company. Your team members are exposed to many people and germs during a single day. They are also exposed to dozens, if not hundreds, of packages each. There are so many opportunities for their uniforms to be contaminated.

If you were renting uniforms, your employees would change out of them before heading home. They would throw their soiled uniforms into a laundry bag and forget about them. After washing and putting on clean clothes, they would leave work knowing they are not carrying germs with them. The uniforms would then come to our facility where we professionally clean and process them.

Putting on a Clean Uniform

Another reason to rent uniforms is to guarantee that employees have a clean uniform to put on every day. This idea applies beyond COVID-19. Many different germs could be embedded in a worker’s uniform at the end of a shift. Taking that uniform home to launder it may not clean it as thoroughly as would be necessary to remove all the germs.

We use time, hot temperatures and specialized cleaning solutions to clean your uniforms. At home, typical residential washing machines may not get hot enough to kill as many germs and contaminants as Alsco can. A uniform that looks clean may not be hygienically clean. Therein lies the difference between home-laundered and professionally laundered uniforms. When your employees wear uniforms provided by Alsco, they are wearing professionally laundered uniforms guaranteed to be clean.

Getting Your Uniform Program Started

Now is as good a time as any to get started with a uniform rental program. We are here to work with you and your staff regardless of your industry. Our uniform programs are suitable for the following:

  • Healthcare facilities and other medical environments

  • Restaurants, bars, neighborhood cafés, etc.

  • Industrial environments, including manufacturing, assembly, etc.

We can assemble a high-quality uniform program for just about any work environment. We source our garments from top manufacturers, and they are made with durable materials that can withstand the toughest jobs. We also provide custom embroidery and emblems according to your needs. Best of all, we handle absolutely everything; you leave them in the bin at work, and we pick them up and bring them back clean and ready to wear.

Start Renting Uniforms

Now is a great time to start renting your uniforms. Alsco is here to help.

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