The Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Rent Workwear Uniforms

Alsco serves customers all across the country with high-quality uniforms for a variety of industries. For example, technicians and service writers in auto repair shops rely on their workwear to protect them from what can be a dirty and dangerous environment as well as to present a professional image. It would be nonsensical to wear anything but heavy-duty workwear in such an environment.

Uniform rental is our business, and as a result, we generally recommend renting uniforms rather than buying them in 2020. But renting workwear doesn't just benefit us — it also benefits our clients. Here are four reasons why we recommend renting rather than buying:

1. Higher-Quality Garments

Buying your own uniforms can often be a risk. Unless you are an expert in textiles, you have to rely on what manufacturers say about the quality of their garments. Some are honest, while others are not. But this narrative changes when you rent.

We could be dishonest about the quality of our garments as well, but why would we be? It is in our best interest to invest in high-quality workwear that is designed to last. Otherwise, we would spend unnecessary money constantly replacing cheap clothing. It is better for us and for our customers that we invest in quality.

2. Cost-Effective Uniforms

There is a long-running debate concerning whether it is most cost-effective to buy uniforms. It’s not. You might run the numbers and discover that your baseline costs for buying will be cheaper over three to five years, but you’re not factoring in the total cost of uniform ownership. If you were to include laundering, maintenance and replacement costs over that same time period, we would be willing to bet that buying costs more than renting.

3. Convenience

One benefit that clients who currently rent workwear uniforms from us always realize is convenience. Customers quickly learn how convenient it is to let us handle everything. We ensure that your staff has enough clean uniforms to get them through each work week. We deliver clean uniforms and pick up the dirty ones. We handle laundering and mending as well.

When uniforms wear out and are no longer wearable, we automatically replace them for our customers. Moreover, replacement is handled seamlessly and in the background. Our clients never have to worry about it. What could be more convenient?

4. Program Flexibility

Our fourth reason for recommending uniform rental is something that many companies that purchase their own uniforms struggle with – flexibility. Imagine that you own a car repair shop. You have one or two technicians who have been with you for years. The rest of your staff seems to turn over every six to 12 months.

High turnover makes it nearly impossible for you to maintain your own uniform program. You are simply not flexible enough to accommodate so many changes, but we are. When a technician leaves, we pick up the uniforms and remove them from your inventory. We are always ready to issue new uniforms for any new employees who you hire. We handle things so you don’t have to worry about them.

We know that each industry requires a unique type of uniform. For that reason, many companies don’t think workwear rental is worthwhile. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate why renting workwear uniforms is a great option for your business.

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