The No. 1 Reason for Uniform and Linen Rental? Better Results

Frequently, we’re asked to explain the need for uniform rentals and linen rentals. After all, companies can supply their own linens, and employees can buy their own uniforms and launder them at home. The challenge boils down to this: Which option is better? We could offer a long list of reasons uniform and linen rental from us is great for your business; instead, we’ll share one reason: better results. Results are what matter at the end of the day, right?

Better Cleanliness

Alsco is a nationwide uniform and linen company that collects dirty uniforms and linen products, cleans them and returns them to customers. We’re a linen laundry service. As a customer, what do you expect from us? You expect clean products delivered to your door.

As expected, professional laundering produces better cleanliness. The combination of time, temperature, appropriate cleaning agents and professional-grade equipment guarantees we get uniforms and linens cleaner than would otherwise be achieved. When your uniforms and linens are delivered by our service personnel, you can rest assured the items are not only aesthetically clean but also hygienically clean.

Better Management

Most of Alsco’s customers are not laundry experts. Naturally, they are experts in whatever industry they are involved in. Just as they are the best at what they do, we are the best at what we do. This includes uniform and linen management, which is a key part of our business plan. It is to our advantage to manage the uniform and linen programs of each customer we serve because it benefits them directly. You benefit by receiving exactly what you need, delivered to your place of business on a regular schedule.

Better Quality

When companies provide their own uniforms and linens, they tend to trade quality for price. We do not. The quality of our linens and uniforms plays a vital role in relationships with our customers.

We aren’t afraid to spend more on high-quality products that we know will last a long time. We provide uniforms from top manufacturers, and this pays off in the long term. Our uniforms and linens even last longer. As the customer, you get access to premium-quality products, along with the knowledge that we maintain them. When necessary, we replace them.

Better Cost

One of the hallmarks of Alsco’s uniform and linen rental services is cost containment. We work with each client to develop a customized program that provides just what is needed — no more and no less. Our customers pay only for what they need, and inventories can be adjusted to account for changing circumstances.

If you want better results for your uniform and linen rental program, contact Alsco. We’ll talk about developing the perfect program for you.

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