As we close 2019, Alsco would like to thank each of the customers who have given us the opportunity to serve them with uniform rental and linen services. We would also like to invite those who are not already Alsco customers to consider starting 2020 with a new uniform rental program. New uniforms can make a big difference.

This post is directed at companies that do not yet have uniform programs in place. If your company relies on company-owned clothing, we encourage you to find out about renting instead. If your employees buy their uniforms, rental may be a way to get them into better uniforms that don’t cost them a dime.

Uniforms Improve Company Image

A company does not necessarily need uniforms for its work. For example, restaurant servers can work just as well in street clothes as a branded uniform. And yet, company uniforms for restaurant servers are a big deal. Why? Because they present a certain image.

Branding is one of the most powerful characteristics of a uniform. A properly designed uniform speaks volumes about a company’s brand. It can also be a representation of that company’s integrity and quality — at least in the minds of customers.

A Unified Look

The next logical step is one of creating a unified look among employees. We can use the restaurant server as an example again. Let us say you have a restaurant that requires servers and bartenders to provide their own work clothing. All must wear black pants, black shoes, and a white shirt with a collar.

That’s great. Servers and bartenders are all wearing the same colors, but it is a safe bet that they are not wearing the same styles. Your bartender may wear a pair of black jeans, whereas servers tend to prefer polyester. Some will wear sneakers, and others wear flats. What’s unfortunate is that they don’t all look the same — even with identical colors.

Company uniforms create a unified look. Everyone wears the same colors, cuts, and styles. All the uniforms are made of the same fabrics. This completes a look that will be beneficial to your company’s brand and image.

An Employee Fringe Benefit

Branding and image are often motivation enough to get a company to begin a uniform rental program. If you need further motivation, consider this fact: company-provided uniforms act as a fringe benefit that show employees that you are interested in giving them something above and beyond salary. Rented uniforms go further than you might think.

Imagine how employees might feel to learn that they no longer have to buy their own work clothing; instead, the company will provide it. They will feel like they’ve just been given a gift. Such a small benefit makes them feel better about the company they work for. It is also better for their own bank accounts.

As a side note, there are tax implications for all fringe benefits. Provided that company uniforms meet the conditions of section 262 of the Internal Revenue Code, they are exempt. You might want to speak with your accountant about this in advance of signing up for uniform rental. Alsco has been in the business of uniform rentals for more than 130 years. In fact, we pioneered the service in the United States way back in the 1800s. We know a thing or two about the benefits of company uniforms. As we approach 2020, we hope you will start the new year with a new uniform rental program with us. We can create a program unique to your company’s needs.