The Oft-Forgotten Floor Mat Deserves Better

Many businesses have products or services that do not get the same attention as core products and services. That is true for Alsco. Though we are known nationwide as a leader in linen and uniform rentals, that’s not all we do. We also provide health care linens, mops and supplies for restrooms, and floor care. That brings us to the oft-forgotten floor mat.

Despite the fact that floor mats can be found in all sorts of publicly accessible buildings, people don’t give floor mats the attention they deserve. We walk all over them; we get them wet and dirty; we might even stop to wipe our shoes on them. But what does this mean? Why should anyone care?

If your place of business utilizes floor mats, they deserve a little appreciation. They provide a valuable service that affects your customers and your employees every time they walk through the door.

Always Safety First

Our primary reason for offering floor mats is safety. In fact, the safety-first mind-set is what inspired companies to start manufacturing floor mats. Floor mats are safety features inasmuch as they prevent people from slipping on wet floors — that’s a big one.

Imagine customers coming into your building on a rainy day. Any water that accumulates on the floor inside the door is an automatic safety risk. The same is true during winter months, when snow and ice tracked into your building create dangerous puddles.


A good floor mat starts with a clean rubber nonslip base that will not move around on a wet floor. It also includes a piled surface that allows water to collect underneath so that it doesn’t drain onto the floor until the mat is saturated. This keeps floors drier for longer. And drier floors translate into a lower risk of slip-and-fall injuries.

By the way, the added safety that floor mats provide also translates back to the shop. Anywhere your workers are exposed to potential slip-and-fall accidents, a floor mat could be the solution. One of Alsco’s floor care professionals can help you identify a custom mat program for your business.

Mats Protect Your Floors

Another thing to consider is that floor mats can protect your building’s floors. Floor mats at all entrances reduce the damage done by water, salt, dirt and debris. In an industrial setting, floor mats can protect floors against harmful chemicals like oils and solvents.

The long-term cost of investing in floor mats compared to maintenance and replacement works out in favor of the former. You will spend a lot less money renting floor mats than you will by rehabbing floors damaged by a harsh, industrial work environment.

Making a Good First Impression

Last, but not least, is the good public perception you can create with customized floor mats. A customized floor mat with your company logo greets your customers with your brand the minute they walk through the door. Anyone who knows anything about branding can tell you that getting your logo in front of customers as frequently as possible goes a long way toward solidifying your brand in their minds.

There are several great reasons to invest in floor mats, but the best reason is that you do not have to buy and maintain them yourself. You can rent them from Alsco, along with workwear uniforms and any of the other items we carry. Remember that floor mats are first and foremost about safety. Consider adding them to your property if you’re not already using them.

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