NSF Commercial Laundry Certification – The Stamp of Approval for Table Linen

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Alsco has become the first company in the commercial linen rental industry to earn NSF International commercial laundry certification. This certification demonstrates both our commitment to, and standards for, laundering commercial linens used by food service and hospitality industry customers. Earning the certification has been a team effort.

It is easy to focus only on senior management when recognizing something as important as NSF International certification. But Alsco management didn’t do this on their own. Senior management continually works with mid-level management who, in turn, work with our frontline workers to develop the kinds of systems and strategies that have earned us a reputation for being one of the best providers in the commercial linen business.

What the Certification Means

Having NSF International commercial laundry certification means that our table linens are both hygienically clean and capable of protecting guests against any bacteria that may be present on a commercial food service table. The certification indicates that our laundering practices are such that customers do not have to worry about health and safety implications when using our linens.


In order to earn the certification, Alsco went through a rigorous process that looked at numerous details of our business. For example, we underwent a desk audit that placed all our laundry facilities under an Organizational Management System review to determine how our laundering processes are monitored, documented and audited.

Following the desk audit, our laundry facilities were visited by NSF International auditors who checked our compliance with their certification program. These onsite inspections looked at everything from wash processes and procedures to how finished linens are handled on their way out the door.

Finally, NSF International tested random samples of finished products to ensure that our laundering process removes harmful pathogens and bacteria. NSF international’s microbiological testing is the final arbiter of whether we are actually doing our jobs.

A Little Bit about NSF International

Obtaining this certification would still be important even if NSF International were not the certifying body. But the fact that it comes from such a reputable organization means a lot to us. NSF International is not a small-time operation with limited influence; they are a world leader in safety standards.

NSF International was originally established as the National Sanitation Foundation in 1944. They changed their name in 1990 to reflect both an expansion of their services and their emerging global reach. Today, NSF International is respected around the world as a leading accrediting organization. They set and maintain the standards for a long list of products, systems and services.

It is important to note that part of NSF International’s stated mission is to “protect and improve global human health.” To have such a prestigious organization recognize Alsco and our efforts to continually provide safer and hygienically clean linens means the world to us.

You Can Trust Alsco Linens

We hope that our recently received certification means as much to you as it does to us. When you choose Alsco as your food service or hospitality linen provider, you are choosing to work with a company that takes the safety of your guests as seriously as we take our own. We would never knowingly do anything to jeopardize their health.

We extend our sincere thanks to NSF International for doing what they do. We also want to officially thank every Alsco team member for their individual efforts in making our company what it is today. We have earned this top commercial laundry certification because of the dedication and commitment you all demonstrate every day.

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