Never Underestimate the Branding Power of Uniforms

It is no secret that one of the main selling points of uniform services is branding. We encourage companies without uniforms to begin using uniforms if for no other reason than to promote their own brands. Anyone who can recognize a UPS driver just by seeing a uniform understands the point.

Alsco is the company that pioneered uniform rental in the late 1800s, and we encourage you not to underestimate the branding power of uniforms. Combine the right uniform with a strong marketing message and top-quality products and services, and you will guarantee that customers think of you first when they need whatever your company sells.

An Example from the XFL

The XFL is a rebooted spring football league that just got underway a few weeks ago. It is an eight-team league with a presence in big-name cities such as New York and Los Angeles. Texas has two teams, one in Houston and the other in Dallas. The Houston Roughnecks team is a perfect example of the branding power of uniforms.

Houston’s road uniforms look eerily similar to the uniforms worn by the NFL’s New England Patriots. The color schemes are remarkably similar, right down to the silver helmets. Astute observers have also noticed that the team’s logo strongly resembles the old Houston Oilers logo.

The similarities are fascinating. You cannot watch a Roughnecks road game without being reminded of the Pats and Oilers. Now, the old Oilers are off the table inasmuch as the team no longer exists in Houston. But the New England Patriots are still very much in play.

It is a safe bet that some XFL fans who are also loyal to the Patriots have latched on to the Houston team because of the uniform similarities. And even among those of us who are not fans of either team, it is still difficult to watch the Roughnecks without making comparisons to New England.

A Visual Representation

To put all of this in context, sports teams’ uniforms are visual representations of the product on the field. The New England Patriots have been so dominant for so long that their name is synonymous with winning football. As such, their uniforms also represent winning.

Did the management of the Houston Roughnecks choose that uniform color scheme with that in mind? Did they purposely design the road uniforms to be reminiscent of the Patriots road uniforms? We may never know for sure. However, marketing experts would probably not be surprised to learn it was so.

What Branding Uniforms Mean to You

At this point you might be wondering what any of this has to do with your business. It is simple, really. Your team works as hard as possible to ensure that customers are satisfied with your products and services. And the uniforms your staff members wear are visual representations of what you offer.

Have your company uniforms been designed in such a way as to make them memorable? One of the reasons UPS uniforms are so easily recognized is the color. Who wears dark brown other than UPS employees? Likewise, what is it about your company uniforms that make them easily identifiable?

Uniforms do not have to be loud or obnoxious to be memorable. They do have to look professional and be commensurate with the general vibe of your industry. A memorable uniform combined with outstanding products and services will do more for your brand than almost anything else.

Alsco would be happy to help you design a uniform rental program for your business. Contact us to learn more about our uniforms for healthcare, food service, industrial and more.

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