Autumn is when we start thinking about the upcoming flu season. Government agencies and healthcare providers are already distributing information to help people protect themselves against this year’s flu virus. From our point of view, you can never be too careful.

We believe it is important that everyone contributes to keeping the flu in check. We also believe that providing hygienically clean tablecloths and placemats is one of the ways we can contribute by giving our restaurant clients another option for combating the spread of flu in their establishments.

The Problem with Improper Laundering

Studies have shown that improperly laundered hospital uniforms and bed linens can contribute to the spread of sickness inside, and even outside, the hospital. Although similar data regarding table linens isn’t widely available, it’s reasonable to believe that improper laundering can leave table linens visibly clean but not hygienically clean. This could be problematic during flu season.

We achieve our goal of producing hygienically clean tablecloths and placemats through a three-tiered laundering process that focuses on the right amount of time, the right treatments and the right temperature—temperature is key.

Researchers found that one of the main issues with hospital uniforms is home laundering. Unfortunately, your typical residential washing machine doesn’t get water hot enough to kill certain kinds of germs. Again, it is reasonable to assume the same issue applies to table linens. If the water is not hot enough, some germs can survive. We don’t want that, which is why we follow a strict process to ensure all our linens are hygienically clean.

Hygienically Clean Table Linens

When you rent your tablecloths and placemats from Alsco, you are renting from a company that helped develop industry standards for hygienically clean linens. You are renting from a company whose plants and processes have been audited and certified hygienically clean by NSF International. Every tablecloth and placemat that comes from Alsco is both visibly and hygienically clean.

Cleanliness is important with the upcoming flu season. We would hate for your restaurant to unintentionally spread the flu virus by using tablecloths and placemats that aren’t clean. We don’t want our linens to spread germs among your customers or your staff.

Other Ways to Help Fight the Flu

Hygienically clean tablecloths and placemats are just a starting point for preventing the spread of flu through your restaurant. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers additional suggestions we’re on board with:

  • Encourage all employees to get the flu vaccine.
  • Host a flu vaccine clinic on your premises.
  • Encourage employees to stay home when they’re sick.
  • Send home employees who show up to work sick.
  • Provide employees with the latest information about the flu.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do as a restaurant owner or manager is be diligent about enforcing handwashing policies. Make sure every staff member knows and understands the regulations in your state. Make sure proper signage is posted in the appropriate locations. Randomly ask employees about their handwashing practices, just so they know you are paying attention.

The 2019–2020 flu season is here. We are here to help your restaurant stay ahead of it with hygienically clean table linens. Our linens are not a silver bullet, but they can go a long way toward preventing the spread of germs in your restaurant. If you would like to know more about renting linens from Alsco, just give us a call.



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