How Clean Public Bathrooms Can Improve the Customer Experience

Clean bathrooms are essential for providing customers with a safe and hygienic experience. Conversely, dirty or improperly maintained bathrooms give customers a negative experience and reflect poorly on your business. Dirty bathrooms can also increase the risk of the spread of communicable diseases. 

Importance of Clean Public Bathrooms

Clean bathrooms are critical for every industry, particularly in businesses with food or a high level of human contact, such as hospitals or nursing homes. A clean bathroom gives customers a positive image of the standards you maintain in your business, which is critical in assuring they return to use your products or services. Conversely, a bathroom that needs to be cleaner indicates other aspects of your business might also not be properly cleaned or maintained, such as the kitchen. 

A clean bathroom should be a priority for any business, especially for companies where numerous customers use the facilities regularly. Therefore, daily cleanings and disinfections are essential. You should also ensure that the handwashing area is cleaned and sanitized regularly and that all cleaning and hygiene products are stocked and presented in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner. 

The following are items you may wish to store in your bathrooms if customers use the facilities regularly:

  • Multiple rolls of toilet paper

  • Tissues

  • Paper towels, clean cloths, or a hand dryer

  • Soap and hand sanitizer

  • Feminine hygiene products in women’s bathrooms

The Importance of Maintaining a Clean Bathroom in Your Place of Business

Because it is essential to maintain a clean bathroom, create a schedule for at least once-daily cleanings and sanitizations of all restroom facilities. Many businesses implement a program where restrooms are cleaned multiple times per day, even hourly for some businesses. That is a must if the bathrooms are frequently used.

The following are a few of the reasons why customers need to have the best and safest experience possible while using the restrooms in your business:

  • Hygiene and general health: The most obvious reasons for maintaining a clean bathroom in your business concern hygiene and preventing the transmission of pathogens and bacteria that can lead to illnesses.

  • Comfort: No question that a dirty or poorly maintained bathroom will leave customers feeling uncomfortable. Customers will undoubtedly notice a poorly maintained bathroom, leading to frustration and annoyance with your business.

  • Customer impression: The cleanliness of your facility will likely directly affect your customers’ impression of the quality of your services, mainly if you are the owner or manager of a food-related business. A poorly maintained bathroom is a clear sign that might cause customers to doubt your business’s overall sanitation. That is certainly not the image you want to portray.

  • Reputation: Customers will likely report negative experiences with a business’s cleanliness to their friends, family, and other potential customers. Any negative publicity related to the hygiene and sanitation of your business can spread quickly. Avoid that by always maintaining a cleaning schedule for your restroom facilities. 

Tips for Maintaining a Clean Bathroom

To ensure your restrooms are always clean and well-maintained, consider the following tips and guidelines:

  1. Create and maintain a regular cleaning schedule. For example, a low-traffic facility might need only once-daily cleaning, but a high-traffic establishment will require multiple daily cleanings. Assess the usage and set the plan accordingly. 

  2. Make sure your supplies are constantly restocked with each cleaning. Be proactive in ordering new collections so you are never at risk of running out. Consider a professional service, like Alsco, that can maintain your cleaning supplies.

  3. Create a checklist so all employees responsible for cleaning the bathrooms meet the same essential criteria. That ensures a solid baseline for cleanliness and sanitation is maintained. 

  4. Use appropriate cleaning products that meet industry standards, ensure they are safe for application based on your particular business or industry type, and provide maximum sanitation to your facilities. 

  5. Encourage all employees and customers to practice good hand hygiene while using the facilities. For example, posting a positive reminder near the handwashing facilities and the door can encourage people to wash their hands properly. 

  6. Address any cleanliness and hygiene issues in the restrooms as quickly as possible before customers are exposed to safety and health risks. You also want to take care of those issues before customers observe them and develop a negative perception of the facility.

Restroom Services With Alsco

Alsco can assist with all your restroom services. We can keep your restrooms stocked with high-quality and effective washroom supplies, including touch-free soap, paper dispensers, mats, and automatic air fresheners. We ensure your bathrooms have clean air and floors, pristine mats, proper tissues and wraps, and adequate supplies and tools to clean and dry hands. 

With our help, your bathrooms can remain up to industry standards, ensuring your employees and customers are comfortable using the facilities, and that will result in a great impression of your business’s standards. Call us today to learn more. 


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