Hospitality Linen Best Practices for Hotels, Motels & Resorts

Clean, bright sheets are an indicator of a well-run hotel, motel or resort — an establishment that prioritizes hygiene and guest satisfaction. To keep linens bright and white and provide a high-quality guest experience, practices like separating whites from colors, pretreating stains with oxygen-based bleach and using a brightening laundry detergent are important. 

Alternatively, resorts and hotels can get the bright white linens they want by employing a linen service like Alsco. We bring fresh linens and take away dirty ones to guarantee you always have clean, white linens to create a memorable experience for your guests.

Clean Sheets Are the Sign of a Well-Run Hotel, Motel & Resort 

Clean sheets are a symbol of luxury in the world of hotels, motels and resorts; therefore, they should always be a top priority.

Competition is stiff in the hospitality industry. Because of online reviews, it’s important to make sure not even one guest has a bad experience. By prioritizing cleanliness as a core operational standard, hotels and resorts can make sure guests have positive experiences in their rooms and stand out in this highly competitive market. 

The benefits of making clean, white sheets a priority include the following:

  • Hygiene and safety: Clean sheets are integral in creating an atmosphere that prioritizes guest safety. By eliminating allergens, bacteria and dust mites that contribute to allergies or infections, you enable guests to be healthy during their stay.

  • Enhanced guest experience: Freshness and cleanliness in the room have a direct effect on the guest experience. Sheets that are free from stains, odors and visible dirt create an inviting ambience, assuring guests they can relax and let the hotel take care of the details during their stay.

  • Restful sleep: Clean sheets play an important part in creating an optimal sleeping environment, helping guests rest soundly and wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to face the day.

  • Guest satisfaction and loyalty: Cleanliness is a cornerstone of guest satisfaction. Hotels, motels and resorts that prioritize clean sheets demonstrate their dedication to exceptional service while upholding high standards, thereby encouraging guest loyalty through positive reviews and repeat business.

  • Employee pride and morale: Clean sheets not only contribute to guest satisfaction but also bolster staff morale. Working in an environment that prioritizes cleanliness instills pride among employees, which contributes to a positive work culture.

  • Sustainable practices: Clean sheets can be achieved through the use of eco-friendly detergents and energy-saving measures. Hotels, motels and resorts that implement such measures demonstrate their dedication to cleanliness and sustainability practices — an important factor in many guests’ decisions.

  • Financial benefit: Clean sheets can have a positive impact on the financial bottom line of every hospitality establishment. Happy guests are more likely to recommend the property, thereby increasing occupancy rates and revenue. In addition, proper maintenance extends linen life span and thus lowers replacement costs.

  • Compliance: To remain compliant with industry health and safety regulations and standards, clean sheets are an absolute necessity. Complying with regulations and standards ensures your establishment operates legally without incurring penalties or suffering irreparable damage to its reputation.

How To Keep Hospitality Linens Bright White 

There are a number of best practices that can help hotel management maintain clean white linens. Some of the easiest and most popular include the following: 

Separate & Sort

It is best to wash white linens separately from colored linens to avoid color bleeding and maintain the brilliance of the fabric. Sorting laundry by fabric type and level of soiling provides for targeted cleaning with optimal results.

Pretreat Stains 

Treating visible stains on white linens before washing is key to effective stain removal. By using stain removers, you can effectively treat visible stains before they hit the wash and increase the likelihood that the linens will come out looking pristine.

Use Oxygen-Based Bleach

Using oxygen-based bleach during the wash cycle will eliminate stains without affecting brightness or damaging white linens. This gentle but effective bleaching agent keeps linens at their original brightness without risking yellowing or discoloration.

Choose Hot Water

Hot water should always be used to keep linens white, as long as it is recommended for the specific fabric. The heat can help remove dirt and grime effectively, keeping sheets whiter for longer. Plus, hot water speeds up the cleaning process.

Select High-Quality Detergents

It is vital to purchase high-quality detergents designed specifically to maintain white linens. Look for detergents with brighteners that enhance fabric whiteness to create a radiant appearance.

Avoid Overloading the Washer

Overloading your washer can impede the proper cleaning and rinsing of white linens. Adhere to manufacturer load capacity guidelines to ensure adequate agitation and thorough cleaning.

Sun Dry or Tumble Dry at Low Heat

When possible, sun drying white linens is best to take advantage of natural whitening abilities. This is not always possible at large motels or hotels, but in smaller resorts or bed and breakfasts, this could be a good option every so often. 

When using a dryer, choose a low heat setting to prevent excessive exposure that could potentially yellow the fabric or cause fabric damage.

Store Properly 

Properly storing white linens requires keeping them in a dry, ventilated space in which they are kept away from bags, containers or items with colored designs that might transfer color to the sheets.

Inspect & Replace 

Inspecting white linens regularly to detect discoloration or damage promptly is essential to maintaining an impressive guest experience. By replacing excessively discolored or worn linens promptly, you ensure a consistently fresh appearance and can meet guest expectations.

Consider Professional Laundry Services

Maintaining white linens can be challenging. By working with a professional linen service, you can rest easy knowing your linens will receive proper cleaning and maintenance, preserving their brightness and quality while saving time. 

Alsco Can Help You Keep Your Linens Fresh & Clean 

Alsco’s linen cleaning service will make an immediate, dramatic improvement to the cleanliness and freshness of linens in your hotel, motel or resort. We use NPE-free formulas designed to remove stubborn stains in an efficient, hygienic manner while using less harmful chemicals. 

Alsco can provide clean, comfortable linens for your guests while also providing convenience and savings for you and your business. Call today to set up a consultation and let us help your establishment create an outstanding impression with clean linens. 


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