Four Commercial Bathroom Supplies to Keep on Hand

About 70% of Americans reported unpleasant restroom experiences in 2018, up from 59% in 2015. Dirty, poorly stocked or otherwise unkempt bathrooms leave a bad impression on customers. Many report that, at best, they don’t respect a business with poorly cared for bathrooms and, at worst, they will not patronize the business again.

When setting up a commercial bathroom, it is possible to ensure it has all the right equipment and services. With a little attention, you can make your bathroom an impressive part of your business rather than a detriment. 

We’ve outlined essential things to keep in mind for commercial bathrooms and the supplies you need to keep on hand to make sure your business gives your customers the best impression possible. 

The Right Ratio of Sinks & Toilets

While you don’t need a sink for every toilet, it is important to have the correct ratio. For example, if there are two toilet stalls, one sink should suffice, but three toilet stalls should have two sinks. 

Easy access to handwashing facilities encourages patrons to wash their hands every time they are in the bathroom. Increased handwashing will reduce the trafficking of germs from the bathroom to the main work area. 

Takeaway Tip: The good news is about 56% of Americans reportedly wash their hands between six and 15 times a day as of January 2022. The bad news is that statistic means 44% of Americans wash their hands fewer than six times a day. Making it easy for people to wash their hands after using the bathroom will help limit the spread of viruses in your place of business. 

Accessibility Is Key

There are laws concerning the accessibility of all aspects of a business, especially related to bathroom facilities for people of all abilities. It is also simply the right thing to do.

This might mean making sure that there is a larger stall to accommodate walkers and wheelchairs, lower sinks with a rounded edge to accommodate those who attempt to wash their hands while seated in a wheelchair and plenty of room to maneuver from stalls to sinks to doors. 

Similarly, large doorways with an arm hook or a foot hook on the inside allow people to open the door without touching the handle. This also makes it easier to pull open with a cane or curved object while in a wheelchair. 

Takeaway Tip: Check with the ADA to ensure that the bathroom is up to code in terms of accessibility recommendations for bathroom stalls, toilets, sinks and overall designs. 

Utilitarian Decor

Objects such as mirrors, hooks on the backs of each bathroom stall door to hang bags and jackets, sanitary bins, baby changing stations, shelves and air fresheners can add to the decor and be functional as well. 

Stainless steel options are recommended for easy cleaning and also make it easier to match these items to stainless steel soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and trash cans. Each of these items plays a role in creating a hygienic environment, making it easier for patrons to avoid placing their belongings on the floor, dispose of sanitary napkins and supplies hygienically and protect themselves and others from the spread of germs. 

Takeaway Tip: While design is not the most important factor in business bathrooms, choosing details that are functional and in alignment with the overall feel of the business can create a more pleasant experience for patrons and employees. 

Here are four commercial bathroom supplies to always keep on hand: 

1. Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser, Fully Stocked 

One-time-use paper seat covers provide a barrier between the patron and the toilet seat, protecting them from germs and protecting the toilet from an unwanted mess. These seat covers make it easier for patrons to assist in keeping the bathroom clean. In addition, they can give patrons more confidence in safely using the restroom with limited exposure to germs. 

It’s important to ensure that the toilet seat cover dispenser is strong and secured to the wall. It should be easy to remove a single toilet seat cover at a time, and the dispenser should be fully stocked at all times. 

Takeaway Tip: The easiest way to find a strong dispenser and make sure that it stays stocked correctly is to contact Alsco. Contracting Alsco for facility services means you will never have to worry about ordering bathroom supplies, checking in on supply levels or restocking. Alsco can take care of everything, starting with the toilet seat covers. 

2. Toilet Paper Dispensers, Fully Stocked

Other than walking into a dirty bathroom, the worst bathroom experience reported by patrons of a business is to find that the toilet paper dispenser in their stall is empty after they’ve already used the facilities. 

There are several options in terms of toilet paper dispenser styles. For example, some take large rolls that will last up to a week, whereas some take two large rolls or automatically dispense up to five smaller rolls. The style you choose will depend on the size and style of the stalls and your aesthetic preference. 

Takeaway Tip: When it comes to ensuring that toilet paper dispensers are in working order and fully stocked and that there are enough toilet paper rolls in storage in case of emergency, Alsco can help. We can supply the dispenser, keep it stocked and make sure there is enough left over for you to refill it if you run out before we come back to stock your supplies again, but not so much that you have to fill your storeroom with toilet paper.

3. Soap Dispensers, Fully Stocked 

It’s difficult to expect patrons and employees to practice handwashing hygiene if no soap is available. Therefore, topping off soap dispensers is essential, as is ensuring all dispensers are in good working order without cracks or leaks. 

Providing hand sanitizer station is a secondary option to soap dispensers, not a replacement. It’s a good idea to have both available for patrons. If you do, make sure that both are fully stocked at all times. 

Takeaway Tip: Alsco can also top off soap dispensers and hand sanitizer stations, double-checking that both are functional with no cracks, missing tops or broken pieces. We’ll also replace them as needed. 

4. Paper Towel Dispensers, Fully Stocked 

Just like toilet paper and soap, an empty paper towel dispenser is not ideal. However, it is the item most likely to run out due to overuse by patrons. Paper towels are often considered the most hygienic hand drying option. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the dispenser is always in good working order and that there are plenty of paper towels for all who need them. 

Takeaway Tip: Alsco can also take care of your business’s paper towel dispensers. Just let us know how many paper towel dispensers you need and how often you would like them to be serviced, and we will take it from there. You’ll never have to worry about your bathroom being out of paper towels when we handle it.

Let Alsco Manage Your Commercial Bathroom Supplies

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