Five Things That Make a Great Workplace First-Aid Kit

We hope that Alsco is your first choice for uniform rentals, linen services and janitorial supplies. But did you know that we also offer managed first-aid services? One of the most popular products in our facility-services category is our first-aid kit, which complies with American National Standards Institute (ANSI) requirements for first aid as well as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s regulations (OSHA 1910). We carry several first-aid kits specifically designed for commercial and industrial use.

A first-aid kit is an indispensable tool for every workplace. Depending on your industry, OSHA might even mandate a first-aid kit. You should know that not all workplace first-aid kits are equal; some are better than others. Purchasing and maintaining a kit on your own gives you one more thing to worry about. Consider letting us handle your first-aid kit for you.

Here are five things that make for a great workplace first-aid kit:

1. The Right Supplies It is no exaggeration to say that retail first-aid kits are often packed with items you will never use and that ANSI or OSHA do not even require. A great workplace first-aid kit must contain the right supplies — defined as those ANSI requires (Z305.1-2015) — and only those extras that are dictated by your industry. 2. Logical Organization The last thing a worker needs in an emergency is a messy, disorganized first-aid kit. That’s why we believe that kits should be logically organized. Each of our kits is organized perfectly for just about any situation. All items are clearly marked and stored in designated spaces for easy retrieval. Nothing is left loose to flop around or fall from the cabinet when the door is opened. 3. Easy to Use Part and parcel with logical organization is ease-of-use. Alsco first-aid kits are designed with this in mind. Our kits feature a module approach that makes for easy grab-and-go emergency responses. You don’t want to be fumbling around looking for the right supplies when someone is panicking over an injury. Just grab the right module and start administering first aid right away — the right way. 4. Regular Maintenance Another feature of a great first-aid kit is that it is maintained and stocked regularly. Regular maintenance tends to fall by the wayside when a company purchases and installs its own kit. Either no one is given the responsibility to maintain the first-aid kit, or the person who is put in charge of maintenance and stocking forgets about it. That is never a problem with an Alsco first-aid kit because we provide scheduled maintenance and restocking of the kits. 5. Low, Flat Weekly Cost Lastly, a great first-aid kit is one that your budget can count on. With competitor and self-managed programs, costs to replace products to remain compliant can fluctuate dramatically, and you never know if they’re stuffing your cabinet with extra and unnecessary products. Alsco first-aid kits come with a low, flat weekly cost, so you can forecast your budgets and never pay for more than what you need. You need at least one first-aid kit in your workplace. Make it an Alsco kit. Our kits are the best on the market. They are filled with the right supplies and are organized and easy to use. We take care of all regular maintenance, and our kits are available for an easy, flat weekly cost. What more could you ask for?

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