Scrubs may not be what you first think of when you hear the phrase “workwear uniforms,” but they are as important to healthcare workers as coveralls are to auto mechanics. As such, your facilities’ choice of scrubs will affect how the medical staff at your facility do their jobs. Not all scrubs are created equally.

It used to be that scrubs were all the same, but a lot has changed since the 1970s and 80s. Scrubs in 2018 come in a variety of colors, styles, and fits. All those factors have to be taken into consideration when ordering scrubs for your staff. Fortunately, Alsco has what you need for every department and role.

Here are five things to know about healthcare scrubs as workwear uniforms:

1. Colors Often Mean Things

The color of a staff member’s scrubs may amount to nothing more than a fashion choice in smaller health-care facilities, but at mid-size and large facilities, the color of scrubs might actually have a purpose. Some of the largest healthcare facilities in the country use uniform color to designate job function.

For example, a hospital may dictate that everyone working in cardiology wear blue scrubs while staff members in oncology wear green. In a smaller clinic, registered nurses might wear navy blue while nurse practitioners wear mauve. Color can be used to denote either department, job function, or role.


2. Pockets Can Be Very Helpful

Scrubs from the 1970s and 80s usually had only one breast pocket on the shirt and one rear pocket on the pants. This number of pockets is not nearly enough for some healthcare workers who do many administrative tasks. The same holds true for ER nurses and doctors who find pockets quite handy for stashing extra supplies. The point is this: consider the needs of staff members when choosing scrubs as workwear uniforms. If a style with extra pockets would benefit staff members, do not be afraid to embrace it.

3. Comfort Is Everything

Manufacturers have been busy designing new styles of scrubs that are more comfortable to wear. As workwear uniforms, scrubs are worn by medical professionals eight to ten hours a day, or longer in some cases. The scrubs need to be comfortable. Why? Because an uncomfortable healthcare worker is an inefficient worker. Discomfort makes working more difficult. An uncomfortable worker is not going to work at his or her peak performance.

4. Scrubs Can Be Breathable

Scrubs can and should be manufactured with breathable material. The medical environment is often a chaotic environment made more challenging by plenty of physical activity. A breathable fabric allows for the evaporation of perspiration; it prevents the wearer from feeling like he or she is being suffocated. Anyone who has worked an ER shift knows the attractive benefits of breathable fabric.

5. Scrubs Can Be Rented

Finally, scrubs can be rented as workwear uniforms. Your facility does not have to purchase scrubs outright, nor do staff members. In fact, we would propose to you that renting your scrubs is more economically viable in the long run. Rental relieves your facility of the responsibility of buying scrubs, maintaining inventory, and making sure that the uniforms do not grow legs and walk out the door with staff members.

HealthAssure by Alsco offers scrubs as workwear uniforms. Laundering your scrubs professionally by a company with HLAC or TRSA-type certifications will ensure your employees’ scrubs are hygienically clean rather than taking the chance that they are washed improperly at home.

We invite you to look through our entire inventory of healthcare scrubs to see what we offer. By renting from us, you will be providing your staff members with the scrubs they need without having to worry about inventory, laundering, repairs, and everything else related to maintaining healthcare workwear uniforms. Alsco does everything for you.