Five Secrets of Awesome Restaurant Linens

Restaurants thrive on being unique. It's true. The restaurant industry is competitive, and success requires finding a way to stand out from the competition. From the menu to the ambiance and pricing, restaurants must prove they’re unique to keep diners coming. Linens have much to do with it.

Unless you are running a fast-food restaurant where paper napkins and uncovered tables are acceptable, linens say something about your establishment. Hopefully they say something good. You don’t want linens to detract from the kind of restaurant you're trying to present.

Below are five secrets of awesome restaurant linens. Practicing each of them suggests your linens are what they need to be.

1. Match Colors to the Decor

Many linen-service companies recommend neutral colors that easily blend with a variety of décor choices. Black, beige, and shades of white are typical choices. You can certainly go that way, but what if neutral colors don't make the dining room pop? Let's face it—how often are you changing the aesthetics in your dining room?

Choose colors that match and compliment the décor. Linens should accentuate the dining room just enough to give it some class without drawing too much attention. There is nothing wrong with deep reds and forest greens if they fit the overall mood.


2. Be Careful about Sizes

Many restaurateurs do not pay attention to size, even though it makes a big difference visually. Make sure tablecloths are appropriate for the size of the tables. You want enough cloth hanging over the sides by six to eight inches. Avoid tablecloths that almost reach the floor.

There are also round tablecloths for round tables and square tablecloths for even sided tables. Rounds sometimes can be more expensive, so one way to save money is to overlap two square tablecloths over a round table.

3. Coordinate with Servers

When making linen choices, be sure they coordinate with what your servers wear. They do not have to be identical, but they should be complementary. Coordinating linens between the table and servers will present a unified look and make your restaurant even more impressive.

4. Keep the Table Classy

When it comes time to set the table, keep things classy. The standard napkin fold with silver placed in the right location is always in style. Avoid the temptation to use table settings as an opportunity to be creative with folds. If you must use a custom fold to add flair, keep it simple. Keep it classy.

5. Rent Your Linens Rather Than Buying

Rent your linens. Don’t buy them. Renting is more cost-effective and efficient when you consider your linen-service provider takes care of laundering. More importantly, your laundry provider will make sure your table linens look good bright, clean, and fresh. Rather than purchasing new linens to replace those that wear out, the linen company does it for you.

How are you doing? Are your table linens as awesome as they could be? If not, give us a call. Alsco would be happy to provide everything you need for your tables, waitstaff, and kitchen. We can help make your linens awesome.

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