Face Masks: A Natural, Necessary Addition to Our Product Offering

We have a responsibility to our customers to adapt our products and services to changing environmental needs. With that in mind, we added cloth face masks to our product offerings.

A Natural Addition

Face masks are a natural addition to the products and services we provide. Alsco has always taken pride in providing our customers with what they need when they need it, all with the quality and care our customers have come to expect, no matter the industry. All of us were affected by COVID-19, and as it became clear that masks would be key in preventing the spread of the virus, it only made sense that we would work to create a solution for our customers as well as ourselves.

A Necessary Addition

So much has changed throughout 2020. It seems like every month, every week, every day we are learning something new. One of the more important lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic is just how vulnerable we humans are to germs. So, whenever we can take precautions to limit exposing others as well as ourselves, doing so makes sense. Now, not only are face masks highly recommended, but they’re often mandated in public and in many of our customers’ businesses. Face masks are for more than healthcare workers or football and superheroes now!

Likely your workplace had no mask policy prior to the onset of the pandemic. As businesses face the reality of how to get back to work safely, masks certainly come into the equation. Providing your employees with face masks can help ensure they maintain the uniform look your customers enjoy.

About Alsco Face Masks

Our adult and youth fabric masks offer three layers of protection for the wearer. They are also home washable up to 50 times and designed according to CDC guidelines. Best of all, our soft, flexible ear loops are customizable to ensure they fit well on virtually any face shape and size.

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