Dress Up Your Restaurant with Classy and Elegant Linens

It is truly thrilling when one of our staff members patronizes a local restaurant and discovers that the establishment is using Alsco linen services. We take great pride in what we do, and we are thrilled every time we have an opportunity to help a restaurateur improve their service with high-quality elegant linens.

Professional linens can dress up any restaurant significantly. Did you know that 82 percent of US restaurant-goers associate tables set with cloth with an overall better restaurant experience?* Additionally, noise is cited as the top complaint by restaurant-goers nationally, which means the dampening effects of table linen can help resolve this concern. It does not matter whether an eating establishment is a neighborhood bistro or a five-star restaurant—linens make an enormous difference in your restaurant’s ambiance.

Matching Linens with Decor

The first thing to consider is the decor of the restaurant. Restaurateurs obviously want linens that match whatever is already being displayed in the dining room. For example, one restaurateur might be operating a New England-style seafood restaurant beautifully decorated with seaside hues and accoutrements. That restaurant is not a good candidate for bright-red or black linens.


One of the main advantages of hiring a linen rental company to service your restaurant, is that they typically can provide consultation on what napkin styles complement your space or point out new trends. Having an eye for linen is similar to having an eye for interior design. Finding someone who has been doing it successfully for many years can pay off in your final look. The market is full of all types of linen to choose from; you can find anything from simple solid colors to fun bistro-striped napkins to fancy chambray napkins. You can even find napkins that have technology to make the color last longer and even feel softer.

Choosing Linen Items

The next thing to think about is exactly which linens will most effectively dress up a restaurant. We normally think of matching tablecloths and napkins; however, we can go further. Some of our customers do not want matching linens, for example. They want tablecloths in the restaurant’s featured color and napkins in a complementary color. We can do that.

We can also match table linens to the more functional linens servers use, such as aprons and towels. Matching kitchen and table linens is a good way to create a cohesive theme that will enhance the customer experience without most people even realizing it.

Linen Services That Please Customers

The most important idea behind professional linen services is to enhance the customer experience.

Now you can see why we take such great pride when we visit restaurants that use our linen services. We know that we are helping those restaurants provide the best possible experience for their patrons. In so doing, we are helping them succeed in a highly competitive industry that leaves very little room for error.

Alsco, the industry expert, offers weekly linen rental services to cafes, bistros, restaurants, and food service groups all over North America. Can we help you with the table linens you need to dress up your establishment?

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