Is There a Difference between Uniform Rental and Leasing?

There is a lot of talk within our industry about uniform renting and leasing. Companies that utilize uniform services may use these terms interchangeably, but there is a significant difference between the two. Understanding that difference will have an impact on your company's bottom line.

Below, we explain the differences between renting and leasing. Both options have their respective benefits, it just depends what your goals are.

Uniform Rentals

Uniform rental is an arrangement where vendors provide fitted uniforms for employees according to the agreement reached between them and the client. Individual employees do not bear any responsibility for laundering, maintenance, or repair. The vendor handles it. The only thing you have to do is turn them in each week.

In a rental arrangement, the vendor delivers clean and fresh uniforms each week. Clean and fresh uniforms are provided, and soiled uniforms are returned to the laundry facility for processing. If any mending is necessary, the vendor takes care of it before the next delivery.

A big advantage to uniform rental is that it is a turnkey arrangement with minimal responsibility. The vendor does the work, whereas the client enjoys the benefits of clean, pressed, and professional uniforms.

Uniform Leasing

Uniform leasing is typically less expensive than rental. Companies that lease uniforms have their employees launder them rather than returning them to the vendor for laundering. This means you will need stricter guidelines on employee appearance.

The nice thing about leasing is that it still puts the responsibility of mending and replacement on the vendor. Provided the uniforms are not damaged through negligence, carelessness, or an intentional act by the employee, the vendor makes all the repairs to damaged garments. When a garment is at the end of its life through normal wear and tear, it will automatically be replaced.

Making the Right Choice for Your Company

Both programs are great because they require no upfront capital. You must decide which option is the right for you. Several factors will likely go into the decision:

  • What is your weekly budget?

  • Do your employees come to a central work location each day?

  • Do you want to manage how your employees clean their uniforms?

There are certainly other considerations not listed here. These three are just the start of things you are going to have to think about. In the end, the best decision is the one that gets your employees in uniforms and ensures a great image for your company.

If your company is in need of reliable and cost-effective uniform services, Alsco is ready to serve you. We have been delivering quality linens and uniforms for 128 years. Across the country, our clients rely on us to deliver fresh, clean linens and uniforms regularly to alleviate them from the responsibility of having to handle things in house. Alsco invented the uniform rental program. We offer workwear for restaurants, automotive, healthcare, and nearly any other type of business. We would be honored to count you among our most loyal customers.

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