Car Salesperson Attire: The Right Uniform Can Elevate Sales

Because there is often no specific dress code for car salesperson, there can be significant variation from dealership to dealership, but there is a general standard of dress that you expect when you visit a car dealership.

Typically, car salesperson’s attire is business casual. Picture a button-down shirt with a tie and slacks in the colder months and khaki pants and a polo in the warmer months. But there are still some dealerships where suits are worn year-round. 

Employees’ appearance and attire can help maintain industry standards, convey professionalism and enhance employee confidence, all of which can help boost sales.

Environmental Factors to Consider

Car salesperson may be exposed to the weather more than those who work other types of corporate or office jobs. Therefore, there are many considerations to take into account when deciding on proper apparel that both looks good and that is functional. 

The following list presents some of the factors that must be considered when selecting appropriate clothing for car sales:

  • Salesperson are often on their feet while working long hours

  • Clothing should allow for the mobility required for getting into and out of cars

  • Shoes and clothing will experience more wear from salesperson who spend their days moving around the car lot than from workers who spend their days behind a desk

  • Salesperson must dress for variable outside temperatures

The Importance of Good Shoes

Shoes are among the most valuable and essential aspects of a car salesperson’s uniform. Function and comfort are necessary to help get through the many days of long hours spent on their feet and walking around the car lot. 

Shoes need to provide stability and comfort as well as be stylish and dressy. Tennis shoes are not going to cut it. 

There are many options when it comes to stylish yet functional, comfortable shoes. The choice ultimately comes down to personal preference and what will offer the right level of support and comfort. The shoes also need to avoid blisters and sore feet that can take a salesman out of the game, so look for rubber-soled shoes like Oxfords. 

Shirt Options

There are a few options when it comes to shirts. Many times, dealerships will provide employees with branded polos or similar company shirts. 

When this option is available, it can be beneficial. Just be sure to keep your company shirt ironed and looking fresh. 

If a company shirt is not an option, or if you decide to go with an alternative, look for a well-fitting, button-down shirt that is free of wrinkles and looks sharp. 

Here are some factors to look for when choosing your work shirt:

  • Wrinkle-free fabrics, such as Egyptian cotton

  • Shirts that are thick but not stiff

  • A slim fit that is not too bulky 

  • Sleeves that are the correct length for you

  • A shirt that is long enough to tuck in but also short enough that you can leave it untucked 

There are many affordable button-down shirt options that can be both stylish and functional.

Do You Need a Tie?

If you opt to go with a button-down shirt instead of a company shirt, you will need a tie most of the time. Ties can help dress up your entire uniform and provide a flash of color and style. 

Go with ties that fit you in length and width and that are vibrant and bright. The right tie can make your overall look pop and complete your uniform. 

But it isn’t necessary to visit a department store and spend a lot of money on ties. There are plenty of affordable options from online retailers that have good reviews. Silk or silk alternatives look sharp and smooth, and they feel soft and expensive, even if they aren’t.


Dress pants, such as chinos, are often required with your shirt and tie, especially in the winter, and they will complete the car sales uniform. 

In the warmer months you can wear khakis that can be paired with the company shirt, but be sure to keep the pants pressed and wrinkle free.

Additional Tips for Car Salesperson Attire

Car sales attire can vary greatly based on location, individual dealership preferences, local weather and clientele. When selling high-end cars, for example, customers will commonly expect a stricter standard of dress from their sales associates than they might at a used car lot. It is important to dress for success and match your environment. 

It can be helpful to go into the dealership before starting work to observe the employees and clientele to get a feel for the proper attire. Customers need a salesperson who is relatable but also professional, so it can help to read the room before deciding on the best uniform.

Let Alsco Help

A uniform provider such as Alsco can provide your business with company shirts, delivering ready-to-wear options to provide a high-quality standard throughout the dealership. When we handle your car salesperson’s uniforms, you can rest assured they will always look great. Contact us to get started.


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