Best Work Pants for Mechanics: Durable & Cleanable Options

Because of the risky and messy work mechanics do, they need work pants that are cleanable and durable. An average workday for a mechanic can be a dirty and greasy affair, so having pants that can take damage, while still appearing presentable and professional, is a must for mechanics

What to Look for in Mechanic Work Pants

Mechanic work pants should be durable, functional, and comfortable. No matter how good a pair of uniform pants looks, if they aren’t easy to move and work in, they won’t be a good choice for mechanics.

Here are some of the best choices in work pants for mechanics:

Red Kap Workwear

For the best work pants for mechanics, Red Kap Workwear is a good place to start looking. They make their products custom designed for people who work in garages. 

The double-knee shop pants are 4% spandex, 42% cotton, and 54% polyester. The double-knee design makes the pants extremely durable, allowing mechanics to repeatedly crouch, bend, stretch, and stand up again, without having to worry about ripping the pants. 

Red Kap Workwear pants are made with Touchtex Pro Technology, so the pants feel good on the legs, providing comfort and flex. The Touchtex Pro gives the pants moisture-wicking and stain resistance, so the pants will be able to survive a tough workday or two before having to be cleaned. 

The pants are also made for mechanics of all body sizes. The waistband is stretch canvas, and it can expand up to 3 inches while still providing comfort and maintaining the original shape. The pockets are rugged, and they can hold everything from lug nuts and keys to wrenches. 

Lastly, the Durable Press Finish means that the pants don’t need frequent ironing. They always look professional.

Wrangler Riggs Workwear’s Technician Pants

Wrangler Riggs Workwear’s Technician Pants are made from 100% ripstop cotton, made with long days at the garage in mind. Not only are the Technician Pants made to be durable, but they are also made to be comfortable, so mechanics will not have to worry about itching and chafing while they are at work. 

The crotch of the Technician Pants is gusseted, giving mechanics an improved fit in the seat, the thigh, and the knee. This offers a wide range of motion while working, and the improved mobility means improved results. The pants are both durable and stylish, being able to withstand stains, spills, and scuffs while still being good to wear and presenting a professional appearance. 

Wrangler Riggs Workwear’s Technician Pants also come with very functional and utilitarian storage. There are two pockets in the front, two pockets in the back, one oversized pocket, and one leg side pocket. The functionality, comfort, and durability of these Technician Pants are everything a mechanic could need for a hard day’s work. 


Dickies is long known for making durable and attractive workwear, and they make high-quality work pants for mechanics. Their relaxed fit, straight-leg duck carpenter jeans are made with the knowledge that mechanics work in difficult conditions, and they need to not think about their clothes while they’re at work. 

The jeans are sanded and 100% cotton. They have a nice distressed look to them, and the straight leg fit means they are non-binding and relaxed, allowing them to be machine washed without any difficulty. 

Dickies work pants for mechanics are designed to sit just below the waist, offering a spacious seat and thigh. The straight leg fit goes over boots, giving mechanics a lot of flexibility when choosing which boots to wear. 

A mechanic’s essential tools for their job can be kept on hand, thanks to the left leg’s hammer loop and the right leg’s dual tool pockets. And with all the movements that mechanics do, all pockets come with a button closure, keeping the tools close by and taking the worry of dropping things out of the picture.

Wrangler Riggs Workwear Ranger Pants

With Wrangler Riggs Workwear, their Ranger Pants take into account that garages can be hot places to work, especially during summer, when mechanics are desperate for any ventilation and comfort. In addition to the features that other pants on this list have, the Ranger Pants from Wrangler Riggs have an action gusset crotch, giving the wearer maximum room and comfort when things get uncomfortably hot. 

Roomy pockets also ensure that a mechanic can keep their tools with them, without feeling like their body is laden down with heavy clothes.  

Carhartt Rugged Flex Technology Pants

Any list of the best work pants for mechanics has to include Carhartt, and their Rugged Flex Technology pants are an ideal choice for durable and cleanable pants. The 2% spandex complements the mid-weight cotton, making the pants robust but also flexible. This is important when a mechanic has to contort themselves into an unusual position for a tricky job. 

The right leg has a pocket that is specifically sized for most smartphones, while other pockets are reinforced. The knee inserts are double-layered. The fit is a little slimmer than most work pants, so mechanics who don’t mind a stylish look to their pants, and who might want work pants they can wear outside of the garage, might enjoy the Carhartt pants. 

Let Alsco Handle Your Uniform Services Needs

At Alsco, we know that a mechanic’s job is not an easy one. And we know how frustrating and counterproductive it can be for a mechanic to deal with work pants that get ripped, never get clean, and are simply uncomfortable to wear. 

Alsco offers name-brand work pants for mechanics that are high-quality, tough, and comfortable. When you rent uniforms from Alsco, you ensure that the work pants are always in good condition, free from rips, tears, and stains. We can create custom work pants, featuring your shop’s name and colors, and they can even be flame resistant or high-visibility options.

No matter what a mechanic’s needs are for their work pants, Alsco’s uniform services cover everything from rentals to laundering, giving mechanics the peace of mind that their pants are in good hands.


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