A Complete Guide to Hairdressing Towels for Salons

Hairdressing towels are specially designed for the hair care industry. They are lightweight and come in both disposable and non-disposable versions. Most are now completely biodegradable, making them environmentally friendly. 

Hairdressing towels, which typically ship in boxes of ~50, measure approximately 15” by 30” and usually come in black or white. They are commonly used for the following purposes:

  • Quickly dry hair following a wash

  • Protect the client’s clothing during hair care activity such as a cut

  • Wipe and clean excess hair from the body or surfaces within the salon such as armrests and floor space

Hairdressing Towel Features

It is critical that salons maintain an ample supply of hairdressing towels. Some key features that make these towels particularly useful to hair professionals include:

  • Durability: Both disposable and non-disposable hairdressing towels are designed to withstand typical salon activity such as wiping, drying and cleaning. 

  • Lightweight: Hairdressing towels are lightweight, portable and easily stored.  

  • Absorption: The highly absorbent material is useful for quickly drying hair or cleaning up any messes that might occur while on duty. 

Hairdressing Towel Types

Because hairdressing towels come in different types, finding the right type will depend on your salon’s needs and how you intend to use the towel. Some main towel types include the following:

  • Microfiber towels: These items are highly absorbent and can help hair dry quickly, making them ideal for salons with a high client volume. 

  • Hand towels: Classic hand towels are often located in bathrooms to allow customers to wash and dry their hands. Despite their generally upscale feel, these towels can be less sanitary than disposable options and also require more maintenance. 

  • Shammies: These towels contain a special material that is highly absorptive, allowing them to dry wet surfaces quickly. 

  • Barber towels: Barber towels are smaller, personal towels that barbers use for shaving and facial grooming. 

Regardless of the type of towel you choose, it is important to ensure they are either disposed of or cleaned and maintained properly so customers and employees are sufficiently protected. Additionally, clean towels contribute to the overall hygiene of the facility and communicate to customers you value cleanliness and safety. A dirty facility can lead customers to perceive your business negatively, which, in turn, may hurt it. 

Tips for Selecting Hairdressing Towels for Your Salon

Here are some helpful tips to guide your selection of the right hairdressing towels for your salon:

  • Consider the materials. As mentioned previously, although hand towels may be more elegant in their appearance, their maintenance can be more challenging. The lack of regular cleaning can make this option less hygienic than disposable towels. 

  • Consider the cost. Using disposable towels can help you save money, but they require continual replacement. Non-disposable towels are generally more costly initially, but they do not need to be replaced continually. Industrial cleaning companies like Alsco can manage your cleaning and maintenance needs to help you ensure the safety and cleanliness of your business. 

  • Don’t forget about environmental impact. Whether non-disposable or biodegradable disposable towels are more environmentally friendly is the subject of some debate. Consensus seems to point toward using standard hairdressing towels and washing them via eco-friendly methods. Alsco values the environment and uses sustainable practices.

  • Think about feel and aesthetics. Because these towels will be used directly by your customers, they may contribute to the overall experience your facility provides. Make sure to choose an option that is aesthetically appealing and comfortable. 

  • Explore product reviews. You can search for reviews on sites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Make sure to thoroughly research various companies before establishing a relationship, particularly if you are making a very large purchase. 

Following these tips should help you select the right towels for your business. You may also want to ask your employees how they feel about each of these issues to ensure you are selecting a product that will enhance their comfort and experience.

Reach out to us at Alsco to learn more about hairdressing towels for salons. We can manage your inventory to ensure you always have clean, quality towels available.


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