8 Benefits of Electrostatic Cleaning & Disinfection

If you’re looking for a disinfection method that gets into every single crease and crevice, electrostatic cleaning is the perfect solution. Because it is cost-effective and requires a minimal time commitment, electrostatic cleaning ensures the deepest disinfection of surfaces that have already been cleaned.

For any industry, this level of cleaning can be a great way to maintain health code standards, protect customers and employees and cut down on cleaning time simultaneously. 

What is (and isn’t) electrostatic cleaning and disinfection?

Electrostatic cleaning and disinfection are not, by definition, cleaning methods. They are generally used after an area has been wiped down and all debris and dirt have been removed. 

For most industries, electrostatic cleaning is the last step in the cleaning process. It requires a special nozzle sprayer to apply a layer of disinfectant solution to a surface, electrostatically charging the molecules of that solution so they repel each other but attach to the surface. 

The unique nature of this process means surfaces receive an even layer of the solution, helping avoid heavy buildup and gaps in coverage. Though it is necessary to sweep or wipe a surface to remove dirt or debris, electrostatic cleaning is a quick finishing touch that ensures every tiny corner is disinfected. 

No wiping is required. In fact, allowing the solution to air-dry is recommended to ensure it is in contact with the surface for long enough to truly render it bacteria- and virus-free. 

8 benefits of electrostatic cleaning and disinfection

  1. You will not miss spots while cleaning. When using a rag, it is normal to swipe over the crevices and creases or miss corners and other small areas that are hard to reach. With an electrostatic cleaning device, the entire surface is thoroughly saturated with a disinfectant solution and rendered germ-free.

  2. No rags are needed. Though it is a good idea to use cleaning rags to wipe down a surface to remove debris and other dirt particles, no cleaning towels are required for the electrostatic cleaning and disinfection process. This saves money and storage space for the cleaning cloths.

  3. Less time is required. Because best practices recommend allowing the disinfectant solution to air-dry instead of wiping it down, this step is less time-consuming than traditional methods of disinfection.

  4. No cross-contamination occurs. Traditional disinfection requires spraying a surface with a solution and then wiping it down. Because most people usually spray and immediately wipe the area, the solution doesn’t have enough time to disinfect the surface - thereby causing cross contamination. The wipe-down process coats the cleaning cloth in bacteria and germs, and when the person moves to the next area to clean with the same cloth, they inadvertently spread germs around the facility rather than wiping them away. With electrostatic disinfection, this hazard is removed because no wiping or drying is required.

  5. Actual disinfection occurs. Traditional methods of disinfection don’t give the solution enough time to do its work since it’s sprayed and then wiped away. It is recommended that most chemical disinfectants remain in contact with the surface for at least 10 minutes. Because electrostatic disinfection requires no wiping, the solution can simply work on its own.

  6. Less labor is required. In addition to being less effective, traditional cleaning methods require more elbow grease and therefore more time. This means paying more for labor, especially in a large facility. Complete coverage over large areas is what electrostatic disinfection is known for, making it a low labor solution to your cleaning and disinfection needs. 

  7. High-level disinfection is now available for healthcare facilities and public areas. In a world defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, and because of the usual high standards for healthcare facilities, effective disinfection that is easy to maintain is necessary. Electrostatic cleaning options ensure the highest level of disinfection is available to any business to protect its employees and customers.

  8. Simplify SOPs for employees. Supporting employees to do their jobs and do them well while also streamlining training for learning how to use electrostatic sprayers is key to efficiency for any business. Electrostatic cleaning and disinfection is easy and simplifies the cleaning process for SOPs. 

Is electrostatic cleaning and disinfection the right choice? 

Electrostatic disinfection is ideal for businesses with the following goals: 

  • Maintaining high levels of sterilization and cleanliness to comply with industry standards, such as healthcare facilities that treat patients, hair and nail salons and tattoo and piercing parlors.

  • Reducing the steps required to disinfect areas where staff and customers congregate.

  • Saving money on cleaning supplies.

  • Cutting down on storage for cleaning supplies. 

  • Increasing productivity and decreasing illness among employees due to exposure to bacteria and germs introduced into the workplace. 

Get help implementing electrostatic cleaning and disinfection 

Electrostatic disinfection processes are only as effective as the quality of the solution and the electrostatic nozzle. 

Alsco can help! We offer Clean Shield Disinfectant Service. Alsco provides electrostatic spraying of disinfectants that are on EPA’s List N and are NSF-certified food safe. We also offer other products to help your cleaning and disinfecting needs, from towels to cleaning chemicals.

If you would like to learn more about how Alsco can support the cleaning and disinfection process, contact us today.

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