7 Benefits of Using a Restaurant Towel Service

A restaurant towel service can cut a significant amount of work and save time for a business while saving money. It’s also an eco-friendly way to make sure high-quality towels are available when needed. Ultimately, a restaurant towel service takes a lot of the headache out of managing this process.

The Primary Benefits of Using a Restaurant Towel Service

Using a restaurant towel service offers a number of benefits:

1. Helps Adaptability

Renting towels rather than buying them helps your restaurant adapt to changing needs. As capacity increases, it is very easy to contact your linen rental service provider and rent more towels. 

Compare that to buying towels, which can become a significant expense. A business has to look for the same or similar towels to maintain consistency. With a towel service, a business can rely on having the towels it needs when it needs them.

2. Ensures a Professional Touch

Cleaning towels isn’t necessarily difficult, but it does need to be done right. If towels aren’t properly cleaned, they can carry and spread germs. 

A restaurant towel rental service will make sure towels are cleaned and prepared with a professional touch and without hassle. A business can rely on the fact that its towels will be clean, look presentable and perform as they should. The towels will also look and feel as they should — clean, fresh and in good condition.

3. Reduces Maintenance Costs

Keeping towels clean and ready for use is an expense. When towels are damaged, they need to be repaired or replaced. This is even more true for a large business. 

At Alsco, we assess towels when they come in for laundering. If they are unusable due to stains, tears or frays, we replace them with brand-new towels. 

4. Offers an Eco-Friendly Solution

Alsco can also provide towel services in a more eco-friendly way than if a restaurant were cleaning and maintaining its own towels. We use scientifically tailored detergents and laundering formulas to reduce our chemical footprint. We also filter our waste and use recycled water for additional laundering services, using less water than a restaurant would for the same amount of cleaning. Finally, we use a heat-recapture process to extract power from heated wastewater, which helps reduce our energy footprint.

5. Cuts Required Work Hours

Using a towel service helps reduce employee hours. Cleaning and maintaining towels takes time, and it’s important to remember that towels must be cleaned regularly if a restaurant intends to stay hygienic. It’s easy to forget the costs and inconvenience of the cleaning process. Compare that effort and expense against the cost of a towel service.

6. Reduces the Need for Supplies

Properly cleaning towels requires cleaning supplies. The cost of laundry detergent can add up over time, especially as a business increases its scale and starts going through towels more frequently. There’s also a space footprint for cleaning. Towels must be washed and dried somewhere unless you use a laundromat (which is its own expense). 

7. Keeps Towels Uniform and Presentable

We’ve written in the past about how color and design can impact a business’s branding. One simple but important way to keep branding cohesive is to ensure customers encounter a uniform visual experience. 

As a general rule, towels used by staff won’t have a major effect on brand identity. All the same, there is some degree of impact. It’s better to have towels that look clean and uniform in color if a business can manage it. 

For towels intended for customers, a cohesive look is much more important. Customers will notice if the color, design or quality of their towels varies. It may not ruin their experience, but it will stand out. This can detract from the overall dining experience.

Let Alsco Manage Your Restaurant Towel Needs

A restaurant towel service offers more benefits than many people realize. It also isn’t necessarily more expensive once you consider the cost of buying, cleaning and replacing towels. It’s certainly something a restaurant should at least consider, especially if it’s looking to cut some of the hassle and complexity from its business model.

At Alsco, we offer a variety of rental services for restaurants, including towel rental and cleaning services. If you’re considering a towel service, give us a call. We’ll talk to you about your restaurant’s needs, discuss towel requests and design the ideal laundering schedule for you.

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