6 Ways Women Can Dress Up a Polo-Shirt Uniform

For women who wear polo-shirt uniforms, there are many ways to dress the uniform up. 

Polo shirts are versatile. Whatever the occasion, your employees can get many different looks out of them — feminine, casual, sporty or professional, among dozens of other possibilities. 

1. Button It Up  

If your female employees are interested in dressing their outfit up with their polo shirts, they’ll want to button the shirt all the way up. This buttoned-up shirt will give them a polished, cut look, perfect for a front-facing position. A buttoned-up shirt should be tucked into shorts or pants. This is the easiest, quickest and most effective way to make their polo uniform look as professional and no-frills as possible. 

Buttoning up your shirts is especially useful if your employees attend Zoom meetings as part of their jobs. Most people will see only their upper bodies in a videoconference, so having a buttoned-up polo shirt is work-appropriate. If they’re attending a lot of Zoom meetings during the day, they could wear a brightly colored shirt, one that shows up (visually) on a webcam. 

2. Make It Fitted

To dress up a polo-shirt uniform for women, make sure the shirt is the appropriate size. A polo shirt that’s too big can look drab and saggy. When the shirt is properly sized, it can be paired with a fitted pencil skirt for a sleek, on-the-go look — which is something equally suitable for meeting with clients as it is for everyday work.

If the polo shirt is dark colored, it could be worn with a light-colored skirt. This pairing will give your female employees a look that is relaxed but still dressy. A textured skirt can also give off a sophisticated vibe, perfect for setting a high standard of workplace attire without asking too much from your employees.

3. Wear Skinny Jeans/Pants

Similarly, women can combine their polo shirts with skinny jeans, which might be more comfortable and make movement slightly easier. Skinny jeans can also send a message of confidence and professionalism while still looking stylish. Because polo shirts have a utilitarian aesthetic, this pairing can soften the overall look. Dark-toned jeans are almost always a more professional workplace look than jeans that are light. Employees should remember to tuck their shirts into their jeans, creating an instantly professional look. If you don’t want your employees wearing jeans, trousers are a great choice to go with their polo shirts. Trousers are a natural choice for most workplaces and immediately project a classic business casual look. 

4. Pair It With Heels

Whether employees are wearing a pencil skirt, skinny jeans or trousers with the polo, they can put on a pair of heels to quickly heighten the look. Heels instantly dress up an outfit, helping women quickly look polished and put together. Depending on the nature of the job, wedges may be a more practical choice because they tend to be more comfortable.

5. Layer It 

Another way the women in your facility can dress up with a polo shirt is to wear it as a layering piece. For the office, one idea is to wear the polo shirt under a blazer. Women can also wear a polo shirt under a crewneck sweater instead of the more traditional button-down blouse so that the collar pops out above the neckline. This layered look will give off a relaxed and comfortable appearance but one that still puts a simple polo shirt to great use for work. 

6. Add Jewelry

If your facility permits jewelry, employees have the option of adding jewelry to complement the straightforwardness of the polo shirt. Female employees can go for a simple, modern look by pulling their hair up and wearing earrings. Even an unobtrusive bracelet can be an effective complement to a polo shirt.

Make sure all employees are made aware of workplace rules regarding the use of jewelry, especially if there is a workplace-related safety component to wearing metal items that can get caught or torn. 

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