As a company specializing in uniform services and linen rentals, Alsco obviously has a huge stake in whether its clients make use of company uniforms. But there is more to uniform service than making money. We began offering uniforms more than 129 years ago because we know their potential for boosting our clients’ businesses. When our clients succeed, so do we.

Uniforms in the modern era offer a variety of functions. The function we want to discuss in this post is brand enhancement. Believe it or not, the uniforms worn by a company’s staff can boost branding in ways that cannot be accomplished otherwise.

Here are five ways company uniforms enhance branding:

1. Uniforms Present a Professional Image.

One of the first things you notice about a man or woman in uniform is how professional that person looks. Take the U.S. Postal Service, for example. It used to be that all postal carriers wore formal blue uniforms that made them look just as professional as police officers and firefighters. Today carriers in some locations wear regular street clothes. This is in no way intended to be critical of the nation’s mail carriers; it is simply an observation. We understand there are budgetary considerations in play, but those carriers do not look as professional as their predecessors. That’s a simple truth.

2. Uniforms Are Recognizable.

A large part of branding is getting people to remember your company when they think of the products or services you offer. Uniforms help a great deal inasmuch as they are recognizable and, as a result, memorable. Take a look at any police officer’s uniform. You probably also recognize uniforms from companies like McDonald’s, American Airlines and others.

3. Uniforms Create Identity.

Next, uniforms create an identity for your workers. That identity will be a beneficial one provided your workers treat customers well. How does this enhance branding? It creates a link between the uniform and a customer’s positive feelings about the brand it represents. Whenever a satisfied customer sees an employee in uniform, he or she recognizes the identity of the brand and the pleasant feelings it creates.

4. Uniforms Maintain Consistency.

Consumers appreciate businesses whose policies and actions are consistent. Uniforms enhance branding by maintaining visual consistency among workers. This consistency strengthens the company’s brand by demonstrating to customers that workers are not haphazard in what they do. Of course, consistency cannot be achieved by uniforms alone. Workers actually have to be consistent in their actions.

5. Uniforms Improve Performance.

While there are exceptions to the rule, uniforms improve performance among workers in most cases.
Why? Because a uniform makes them feel more professional, more appreciated and more symbolic of the company they work for. Such feelings act as natural motivators to do the best job possible. And when employees perform on a higher plane, they boost the company’s brand in the eyes of customers.

Is your company making use of professional uniforms? If not, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our uniform services. Uniform rental from Alsco can enhance your already strong brand. Uniforms can improve your company’s professional appearance, make your brand more memorable to customers, achieve greater consistency in your messaging and create a new and positive identity that customers associate with your brand.