5 Immediate Benefits of Implementing a Gym Towel Service

A gym towel service involves scheduled maintenance and the cleaning and replacing gym towels via a specialized external party. A gym towel service ensures that your towels are consistently, professionally cleaned, and stocked, so your members will always be satisfied and your facility maintains high industry standards. 

1. Hygiene & Cleanliness

One main benefit of using a gym towel service is cleanliness and hygiene. Using a company like Alsco to manage your gym’s towels ensures that the towels are always hygienic and at the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene, most likely to a higher standard than what can be achieved via home washing. 

Alsco specializes in industrial cleaning and maintenance. We have extensive experience and knowledge of the industry, so we can effectively wash and maintain your entire supply of gym towels. 

2. Improved Customer Satisfaction

When a gym does not have sufficient towels, members can become dissatisfied and develop an unfavorable perception of the quality and cleanliness of the facility. When a gym has a fresh supply of clean towels, its customers are optimally served and may develop a favorable perception of the gym. High customer satisfaction and comfort will likely result in repeat business. 

3. Efficiency 

Using a gym towel service is not only time efficient for you and the gym’s employees but also cost-effective. 

One deterrent for using a gym towel service could be the up-front cost because many managers are tasked with maximizing profit by reducing expenses. However, a professional gym towel service can ultimately save businesses money because it will professionally maintain and replace the towels as needed; the gym will not incur the expense of continually purchasing new towels. Additionally, towels that are maintained professionally generally last longer.

4. Consistency

Using a towel service ensures consistency in the cleanliness of your towels. At times, your facility may be able to maintain a rigorous gym towel-cleaning and maintenance schedule, but this might not always be possible. 

If there are significant lapses in towel availability, gym members could notice these inconsistencies in cleanliness, perhaps leaving with the impression that the facility is improperly managed. 

5. Environmental Impact

Companies that provide gym towel services, like Alsco,  aim to maximize their efficiency but must also meet industry standards regarding environmental impact. These companies have extensive professional knowledge and experience in lessening waste and unsafe environmental effects, such as minimizing the use of water and electricity; avoiding the use of harmful chemicals; and safely disposing of waste products. 

Tips & Recommendations for Selecting a Gym Towel Service

When selecting a gym towel service, consider the following tips and recommendations:

  • Company reputation: It is easy to search for company reviews online at websites like the Better Business Bureau. Make sure to do your homework and read reviews and ratings, so you can select the company that is right for your business. 

  • Cost: Gym towel services vary widely in terms of prices. Try to obtain quotes from at least three different companies, so you can make an informed decision based on price and brand reputation. 

  • Additional service offerings: If you establish a good relationship with a gym towel service company, you may want to explore other services they offer. Consider a company with a diverse range of services, especially if you have additional facility maintenance or linen service needs. 

  • Capacity: Some companies specialize in small-volume businesses, whereas others can manage large quantities of towels. Make sure to communicate your needs clearly to the companies you speak to, so they can provide accurate estimates and are equipped to manage the volume of business you give them. It is best to ensure that the company’s size aligns with your maintenance needs. 

Let Alsco Help

Alsco offers full linen rental services and can manage all your gym towel needs. We use environmentally sustainable practices with consistent service, so you can rest assured that you’ll always have fresh towels, free of tears and stains. 

Alsco also offers several other services for your gym, including nonslip mats, air fresheners, wipes, toilet tissue, paper towels, soap and other cleaning supplies. Please contact us to learn more. 


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