5 Benefits of Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers

Automatic paper towel dispensers can encourage healthy and sanitary habits. They can also be more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, easy to use and hygienic than manual dispensers. 

Automatic paper towel dispensers can be installed in various environments, from bathrooms to kitchens. They offer an easy, touch-free way of dispensing a specific amount of paper towels for the job, helping reduce waste. 

1. More Hygienic

Automatic paper towel dispensers are just that — automatic. They work on a sensor that dispenses towels when they sense motion, so they are touch-free, which reduces the spread of germs. 

Manual paper towel dispensers require touch to work, so germs are more easily spread. And air dryers can spread bacteria through the air, making automatic paper towel dispensers one of the most sanitary to Use

Automatic paper towel dispensers are simple. They don’t require a lot of effort from the person using them. 

Simply put your hand near the sensor and a predetermined length of paper towel is dispensed. The installer can set the length of the paper towel dispensed. 

2. Convenient & Versatile

When looking for convenience, automatic paper towel dispensers can offer a solution that is easy to use and promotes healthy habits. These paper towel dispensers can be installed in many locations, allowing easy access to paper towels without needing to touch the dispenser. This can be especially helpful when working in a kitchen, offering convenient automation that is touch-free. 

Automatic paper towel dispensers can provide paper towels not only for hand drying but also for cleaning up spills, making them more versatile than air dryers. Most spills will be most effectively cleaned up by paper towels and cloths.  

Automatic paper towel dispensers can be beneficial in the following locations:

  • Public bathrooms.

  • Kitchens.

  • Private or home bathrooms.

  • Anywhere there is a sink for cleaning or washing hands.

3. Reduces Waste

Because automatic paper towel dispensers offer a set amount of paper towels each time they are activated, this can reduce the amount of paper products used. When taking paper towels out of a manual dispenser, it can be easy to take too many at once, leading to excess paper waste. Because the length and amount of paper towel dispensed each time can be customized, you can set it to give only what is needed. 

When installed in public bathrooms and locations for public consumption, automatic paper towel dispensers can also lower the rate of paper towel theft, making it harder for people to take a stack of paper towels for personal use. 

4. Environmentally Friendly 

Although traditional cloth towels are the most eco-friendly option, if paper towels are used, an automated dispenser can save waste. Automatic paper towel dispensers can offer a more environmentally friendly option over manual dispensers because they reduce the amount of paper products and waste used and dispense only the amount that is needed. Recycled paper towels can also be used in an automatic paper towel dispenser. 

An automatic paper towel dispenser is quieter than an air dryer. Although still electric, an automated dispenser requires less energy to run than an air dryer. An automated paper towel dispenser only needs to use a small amount of electricity to dispense a paper towel, for example, while an air dryer will need to run continually the entire time a person is drying their hands.

5. Cost-Effective

Automatic paper towel dispensers give out a preset amount of paper towels. This not only reduces waste but also saves your business money on paper products. Using fewer paper towels at a time will mean that fewer need to be ordered regularly. This can directly equate to cost savings.

A Better Option

Alsco provides washroom supplies and facility services that can include checking your automatic paper towel dispensers with each visit and restocking them as needed. This can take the extra burden off of your shoulders, allowing you to focus on pressing business needs. You can then know your paper towel dispensers will remain fully stocked and functioning as they should. 

Alsco also strives to be environmentally friendly, using recycled products where it makes sense and working to reduce waste. Our towel services could also be a good choice for your business. Contact us to hear more about our offerings.


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