5 Benefits of Anti-Slip Mats for the Workplace

Having the right anti-slip mats, also known as high-traction mats, in your workplace can make your facility cleaner and safer and make your staff more comfortable and secure. Below, we’ve outlined five benefits of anti-slip mats in the workplace. 

1. Safety

High-traction mats offer increased safety in wet conditions. Tile and laminate, among other surfaces, become slippery when water from rain or spills is present. Slips and falls can result. In England, such incidents accounted for 33% of employee accidents as recently as 2021. Placing anti-slip mats in places that are likely to become wet can greatly decrease your employees’ risk of injury. Such mats have traction ridges on both surfaces, so the mat does not slide away when someone puts their foot on it. The ridges also save people from slipping and falling when they walk on the mat, even if their own shoes are wet.  Anti-slip mats enhance traction and reduce moisture accumulation. They support worker safety, regardless of whether there is water on the floor.

2. Customization

Different types of anti-slip mats can be used in different workplace environments. For example, thicker comfort mats are great for reducing fatigue in a variety of settings. Some comfort mats were designed for short tasks where personnel will likely be stationary, such as in a laundry room, kitchen or bathroom. They have a softer, more pliable foam and are not built for heavy-duty work or tasks that require long periods of standing in one place. Other comfort mats are built with additional durability or features, such as holes so that water can flow through in wet environments. These are great in environments with a lot of activity and movement, such as workshops, garages, manufacturing plants and kitchens. 

Such comfort mats are built with workers’ physical needs in mind. They are designed for use when your employees will need to stand in one place for many hours, providing support for the back, legs, knees and hips. Furthermore, this style of anti-slip mat can prevent adverse health effects — like postural muscle fatigue, joint and spine compression, circulation problems and flattening of the feet’s arches — that arise from standing on hard surfaces without any give or cushioning for the feet. Similarly, if your workers have to stand on cold concrete floors, having comfort anti-slip mats for them can be a good insulator, both for their health and to keep heating costs down. This comfort can lead to improved productivity, safety and happiness for your staff.

3. Floor Protection

Anti-slip mats protect your floors. They come in handy when you have to move heavy objects or machinery over your floors. If you have new floors installed at your facility, anti-slip mats can preserve the lifespan of your floors, no matter how much foot traffic they get. These mats also ensure that you don’t have to clean your floors as often. 

4. Easy Maintenance

Anti-slip mats are easy to maintain, which is another benefit for your workplace. You can get years’ worth of use from your mats with only minimal maintenance. All they need is a regular wash, or even just wiping, and they will be ready for further use. If you get a chemically resistant anti-slip mat, you won’t have to worry about spilling chemical materials on your mat. These mats can stand up to serious wear and tear.

5. Presentation

In cosmetic terms, anti-slip mats make your facility look good. They keep dirt, moisture and other outdoor debris from being spread all over your workplace’s floors. In addition to keeping your personnel safe, anti-slip mats can make your business look clean and professional. You can find the right design and color of floor mats to complement your floorplans and tiles, enhancing the interior decor while providing a functional benefit. Having an anti-slip mat as a welcome mat (with your company’s logo on it) sends a positive message to customers and clients from the moment they step into your facility.

Floor Mats from Alsco

At Alsco, we understand the importance of floorcare. From the presentation of your company to the world to making sure your employees are safe and comfortable as they work, Alsco can help you maintain and improve the anti-slip mats in your facility. We ensure the quality of your mats is optimal for your environment and provide a wide range of services to meet all your floor-care needs.


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