4 Pillars of Clean Commercial Washrooms

Your place of business undoubtedly has at least one washroom. If it’s like most commercial properties, it offers multiple washrooms for both employees and visitors. Commercial washrooms say a lot about the businesses that operate them. How are you doing with yours? Are your washrooms clean and tidy?

Commercial washrooms should be as clean as possible at all times. They should be clean for hygienic reasons first and foremost but also for the simple fact that they contribute to the image a company projects. The last thing customers want to see is a dirty washroom that gives the impression you do not care about every aspect of your business.

As a provider of washroom supplies and services, we see washroom cleanliness as a platform supported by four pillars.

1. Cleaning Frequency

The first pillar is cleaning frequency. Unfortunately, far too many companies do not give enough attention to this, and washrooms are left to be cleaned once per day or every couple of days. Washrooms that go too long between cleanings are an invitation to dirty conditions that upset visitors and employees alike.

How frequently should washrooms be cleaned? That depends on traffic. The best way to establish an effective cleaning schedule is to observe and record. Management can visit the washrooms every hour or so, and within a week or two figure out how quickly they get dirty.

2. Cleaning Procedures

The second pillar is the procedures used to keep washrooms clean. Again, procedures depend on traffic. At the very least, toilets and sinks should be cleaned every time maintenance visits the washroom. Floors should be mopped at least once daily under normal conditions. Sweeping the floors between mopping cuts down on visible dirt and debris.

3. Hand-Drying Systems

It is possible for commercial washrooms to look clean but still be hygienically questionable. As a case in point, consider the air dryer. Studies have shown that air dryers act as incubators for germs. They also spread those germs with every use. It has been our experience that roll and paper towel dispensers are more hygienic than air dryers.

Do your commercial washrooms still utilize air dryers? If so, consider switching to towels. We carry both roll and paper dispensers that are maintained and refilled regularly.

4. Air Freshening Systems

No one likes going into a public washroom and being confronted by offensive odors. Unfortunately, odors are part of the washroom experience. As such, the fourth pillar of clean commercial washrooms is the air freshening system. A system that controls odors goes a long way toward presenting a positive image to visitors.

We believe that the best air freshening systems for commercial washrooms are those specifically designed for the washroom environment. These are not passive systems. Rather, they are active systems that work on a timer to clean and freshen the air 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Clean washrooms are something no company should be willing to compromise on. The washroom is a space people expect to be clean, both visually and hygienically. Not keeping washrooms clean is a recipe for disaster because it turns people away. That is not what you want for your company, your employees or your visitors.

Alsco is proud to serve our customers with a complete range of washroom supplies and services. Whether you are an existing Alsco customer or looking to sign on with a new provider, we have just what you need to keep your washrooms clean and attractive.

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