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Arlington, Virginia, sits outside the Washington, D.C. metro area and is home to many of the fastest-growing companies in the nation. This rapid growth has led to the need for a dependable uniform provider that understands the unique requirements of the area. Alsco is an Arlington business and one that knows its customers.

Many of the nation’s most innovative and high-tech companies call Arlington home. These growing companies make up the majority of Arlington’s industries in governmental, professional, scientific and technical services as well as public administration and educational services.

Alsco meets customer satisfaction at every level: we understand what it means to be part of a local business. Our nationwide success is built on a commitment to customer satisfaction and a dedication to mutual loyalty and trust.

Alsco can customize uniforms to fit nearly any occupation found in the industries of Arlington. We are committed to helping you find the professional, functional clothing your workplace requires.

Whatever your industry, we can help promote your image, hygiene, and safety in the workplace. Let us be a business partner and meet your uniform needs.

Alsco Uniform rental options in Arlington

Alsco Uniform Options in Arlington

Alsco has many uniform options to cover your business needs. We will have your employees professionally dressing for work and representing your brand by offering the following:

  • High-quality garments

  • High-performance and mobility wear (MIMIX workwear)

  • Unparalleled uniform laundry service

  • The best route delivery professionals in the business

  • Dedicated customer account personnel

Alsco offers uniforms that meet the needs of the hot and muggy Arlington summers as well as the cold and wet winters. Alsco’s uniform options will accommodate your industry’s requirements for workwear in every type of weather.

Our uniform categories vary depending on industry-specific needs and include food service, food processing, medical, flame-resistant, high visibility and industrial.

Zip Codes We Service

20301, 20350, 20310, 20318, 20330, 22202, 22201, 20380, 22203, 22204, 22205, 22206, 22207, 22209, 22210, 22211

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Services We Provide

Medical Uniforms

Alsco has lab coats, medical scrubs, nurse uniforms and more. In the medicinal field, hygiene is a necessity, which is why we suggest medical scrub rentals rather than in-house purchasing and home laundering. Let our professional laundering service take care of delivering hygienic garments to you and your business.

Industrial Uniforms

From automotive and shop uniforms to mining, electrical and oil, businesses trust Alsco for clean, durable and comfortable industrial work clothes. If your employees are exposed to environmental conditions requiring heavy-duty workwear uniforms, we have you covered. We source our industrial workwear from trusted manufacturers that exceed our customers’ standards.

Flame-Resistant Uniforms

Flame-resistant clothing is critical for employees who work near open flames, near electrical equipment, or in other environments where the risk of combustion is high. We supply flame-resistant pants, shirts, and other garments to companies that need work uniform rentals that meet OSHA standards.

Food Processing Uniforms

Whether you need lab coats or pocketless shirts, Alsco provides the highest-quality food processing uniforms. We take food processing safety seriously and are committed to following strict standards for hygienic cleaning in all our processes and operations. To this end, we provide an HACCP-conscious uniform program to ensure that our uniforms are always clean and safe.

High Visibility Uniforms

Safety is a top concern in environments where the risk of accidents is high. High-visibility uniforms are the perfect choice for keeping factory workers, construction crews and employees in other high-risk industries safe. You can count on Alsco to provide high-visibility uniforms that meet ANSI standards.

Food-Service Uniforms

Alsco offers restaurant apparel for those in the food service sector, including food service aprons, chef’s uniforms, and pants and shirts for servers. All our restaurant garments are offered with a uniform laundry service to guarantee that workers have clean, professional clothing to wear for every shift. Alsco has extensive uniform options that meet the needs of Northern Virginia’s food scene and restaurant industry.

More about Arlington

Arlington is commonly referred to as a city but it is actually the smallest self-governing county in the country. The 26 square miles of Arlington county has not held any towns or cities within its boundaries since 1922.

With Arlington’s rich U.S. history, memorials and sites, it is easy to understand why the area is a tourist destination. Arlington is home to the Arlington National Cemetery, The Tomb of the Unknown SoldierU.S. Marine Corps MemorialUnited States Air Force MemorialArlington House, The Robert E. Lee Memorial and The Pentagon.

Arlington is ranked by as the #2 in the “Best Cities to Live In America” for 2021. With a labor force made up of some of the most highly educated and skilled individuals in the country as well as top-notch employers, Arlington is a thriving place to both live and work.

If you spend any time in Arlington, other notable sites to visit include the following:

Arlington is a great commuter city for residents who work in D.C. with walkable residential neighborhoods, open green space and plenty of American treasures, including sites to see and activities to do in this city of “National History. Local Flavor.” The Northern Virginia area and Arlington has something for everyone. If your interest includes a need for uniforms, Alsco has you covered.

Alsco Uniform services in Arlington

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