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Spartanburg is home to over 500 manufacturing companies with over 2000 engineering and manufacturing companies total calling Upstate their home.

With numerous companies moving to Upstate, Alsco recognizes the need for a dependable uniform provider. We are a uniform company that knows its customers and the unique uniform requirements of the industries in Spartanburg, and the surrounding cities of Greenville, Anderson, Union, Greenwood, Union, Gaffney and Greer.

Alsco is a Spartanburg business with a commitment to customer satisfaction and a dedication to loyalty and trust. It’s what our nationwide success has been built on.

Here at Alsco, customer satisfaction is met at every level because we understand the needs that come from being a part of the local industry. Alsco can customize uniforms to fit nearly any occupation among the industries here in Spartanburg. We’re committed to helping you find the professional and functional clothing your unique workplace requires.

Whatever your industry, we help promote your image, cleanliness, safety, and hygiene in the workplace. Let us be a partner in your business and meet your uniform needs.

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Alsco Uniform rental options in Spartanburg

Alsco Uniform Options in Spartanburg

Depending on what your business is looking for and the options that best fit your needs, Alsco has you covered. We’ll have your employees professionally and properly dressed for work, looking the part and representing your brand by offering:

  • High-quality garments

  • Unparalleled uniform laundry service

  • The best route-delivery professionals in the business

  • Dedicated account personnel

As Spartanburg’s seasons change from the hot and muggy summers to the cold and wet winters, our uniform options will accommodate your industry’s requirements for workwear no matter the weather.

Our uniform categories vary depending on the industry needs like food service, medical, food processing, flame-resistant, high visibility, and industrial.

Zip Codes We Service

29601, 29317, 29621, 29626, 29301, 29319, 29340, 29342, 29646, 29649, 29637

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Services We Provide

Medical Uniforms

Alsco features lab coats, medical scrubs, nurse uniforms and more. In this day and age, hygienically clean uniforms are an absolute must which is why we suggest medical scrub rental over in-house purchasing and home laundering. Let our professional laundering take care of bringing in hygienically clean garments.

Industrial Uniforms

From automotive and shop uniforms, to mining, electrical and oil, businesses trust Alsco for clean, durable and easy-wearing industrial work clothes. If your employees are exposed to environmental conditions requiring heavy-duty workwear uniforms, we have you covered. We source our industrial workwear from trusted manufacturers that meet or exceed our customers’ standards.

Flame-Resistant Uniforms

Flame-resistant or FR clothing is critical for workers who work near open flame, electrical equipment or in environments where the risk of combustion is high. We supply FR pants, shirts, and other garments to companies in need of work uniform rental that meets OSHA standards.

Food Processing Uniforms

Whether it is lab coats or pocketless shirts you need, here at Alsco, we provide the highest quality food processing uniforms. We take food processing safety seriously and are committed to providing strict hygienically clean standards in all our processes and operations. This commitment is why we provide an HACCP-conscious uniform program and why our uniforms are always clean and safe.

High Visibility Uniforms

Safety is a top concern in environments where the risk of accidents is high. High-visibility uniforms are the perfect choice for keeping factory workers, construction crews, and employees in other high-risk industries safe. You can count on Alsco to deliver your visibility enhanced and reflective uniforms.

Food-Service Uniforms

Alsco offers restaurant apparel in the food service sector, including food service aprons, chef uniforms, along with pants and shirts for servers. All of our restaurant garments are offered in conjunction with a uniform laundry service to guarantee workers have clean and professional clothing to wear for every shift.

More about Spartanburg

With a rich heritage in textiles, having over 40 textile mills established in Spartanburg before the 1900s, Spartanburg was the center of the textile industry. The railroad lines littered the city in a shape that looked like a wheel hub, earning the nickname “Hub City.”

Spartanburg is known for having the 2nd largest drive-in of the country, the Beacon drive-in. It is also home to BMW’s largest world-wide manufacturing plant. Once BMW settled in Spartanburg, other companies started to relocate and settle in the area adding to its growth.

With Greenville, #yeahthatgreenville, already on the map as a nationally recognized “Foodie Town,” Spartanburg is growing their food scene as well. A huge project to revitalize downtown has boosted the restaurant growth and is putting Spartanburg restaurants on the map with its own foodie scene.

With Greenville’s close proximity to Spartanburg and being at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the beauty of the area continues to add to its overall allure. Greenville is listed as one of the best cities to visit in the U.S. Locals and visitors alike are wowed by the Liberty Bridge, a falls park suspension bridge over the Reedy River. It is supported by a single suspension cable making it a unique site in the country.

Upstate’s landscape doesn’t lack anything in beauty and adventure. At Table Rock State Park the tallest mountain peak in all of South Carolina can be found. Nearby is Caesars Head, which is found next to the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Area – 13,000 acres of undisturbed southern forests.

Local sports include rooting for the Clemson Tigers, or the professional hockey team, the Swamp Rabbits, that play at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena. If you’re looking for a culture and arts scene, catch a Broadway play at the Peace Center for Performing Arts.

With the growth and energy exhibited from Spartanburg and the rest of the Upstate region, it is no wonder that Spartanburg prides itself on “always doing.” The hard work, energy, and achievements of the city have shaped the area and contributed to the continued growth today. Upstate is an area where international businesses can feel at home, foodies can try it all, the outdoors call to those that want to get out and explore, and all things Clemson are celebrated.

Alsco Uniform services in Spartanburg

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