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From the shipbuilding, fishing and manufacturing in the early days of St. Andrew Bay to the tourism and military industries of today, the broadening Panama City economy needs a uniform company. And that’s where Alsco comes in. Alsco is the #1 provider of uniform rental services, and as a local business ourselves, we know Panama City’s unique business requirements, which is what helps us meet or exceed customer expectations at every level. Our nationwide success is built on our commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to loyalty and trust. Alsco can customize uniforms to fit nearly any occupation in Bay County and the Florida Panhandle. We are committed to helping you find the professional and functional clothing your workplace requires.

Whatever your industry, we can help promote your image, hygiene and safety in the workplace. Alsco is ready to be a partner in your business and meet your uniform needs

Alsco Uniform rental options in Panama City

Alsco Uniform Options in Panama City

Alsco offers many uniform options to cover your business needs. We will ensure your employees dress professionally while representing your brand by providing the following:

  • High-quality garments

  • High-performance and mobility wear (MIMIX workwear)

  • Unparalleled uniform laundry service

  • The best route delivery professionals in the business

  • Dedicated account personnel

Alsco will accommodate your industry’s requirements for workwear and keep your employees comfortable, no matter the weather. We have all your uniform needs and challenges covered. 

We know that uniform needs change with the seasons and, sometimes, even within seasons. Panama City summers are hot and humid, weather that often generates thunderstorms. That combination can present a challenge, but at Alsco we offer a variety of uniforms that are sure to keep your workers comfortable all day and all year long. 

Our uniform categories — medical, industrial, food processing, flame resistant, high visibility and food service — vary to serve industry-specific needs best.

Zip Codes We Service

32401, 32402, 32405, 32406, 32407, 32408, 32412, 32413, 32417

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Services We Provide

Medical Uniforms

Alsco offers lab coats, medical scrubs, nurses’ uniforms and more. Hygienic uniforms are a medical necessity, which is why we suggest medical scrub rentals instead of in-house purchasing and home laundering. Let our professional laundering service deliver hygienic garments to Panama City and Panama City Beach’s health care businesses.

Industrial Uniforms

From automotive and shop uniforms to mining, electrical and oil work businesses, trust Alsco for clean, durable and easy-to-wear industrial work clothes built to last. Whether it’s workwear for employees in manufacturing or any environment that exposes them to extreme conditions, our uniforms have you covered. We source our industrial workwear from trusted manufacturers that meet and exceed our customers’ standards.

Flame-Resistant Uniforms

Flame-resistant clothing is critical for employees who work near an open flame, electrical equipment or in environments with a high risk of combustion. That’s why Alsco supplies flame-resistant pants, shirts and other garments that meet OSHA standards.

Food Processing Uniforms

Whether you need lab coats or pocketless shirts, Alsco provides the highest-quality food-processing uniforms. We take food-processing safety seriously and are committed to following strict standards for hygienic cleaning in all our processes and operations. This commitment is why we provide an HACCP-conscious uniform program and ensure our uniforms are always clean and safe.

High Visibility Uniforms

Safety is a top concern in environments with a significant risk of accidents. High visibility uniforms are the perfect choice to keep factory workers, construction crews and other employees safe in high-risk industries. You can count on Alsco to provide high visibility uniforms that meet ANSI standards.

Food-Service Uniforms

Alsco offers restaurant apparel for the food service sector from chef’s uniforms and food service aprons to pants and shirts for servers. All restaurant garments are offered a uniform laundry service to guarantee that workers have clean, professional clothing for every shift. Alsco is a perfect fit and is committed to having workers in Panama City’s food scene looking their best.

More about Panama City

Although they are two separate cities, Panama City and Panama City Beach (PCB) are often confused for one another, and they also have their own beaches, which adds to the confusion. PCB sits across St. Andrews Bay via the Hathaway Bridge and offers plenty of beautiful Emerald Coast beach access and activities. Panama City, in contrast, lies 10 miles inland with its small town feel and a history that dates back to its days as a port town in the early 1900s. 

Both tourism and the military have played a major economic role in the Panama City area. Tyndall Air Force Base opened in 1941. It is currently known for its F-22 Raptor training and newly added F-35 mission. 

Another area with historic military presence is St. Andrews State Park. Once part of a military reservation, it opened to the public in 1951 and is home to gators, migratory birds and butterflies and plenty of visitors who enjoy the five ecological landscapes that make up its 1,200 acres of trails, beaches and dunes. 

Panama City Beach, time and again, has been voted one of the top beaches in the U.S. It’s no wonder you’ll hear it called one of the “world’s most beautiful beaches.” 

This Florida Panhandle area offers more than 27 miles of white sandy beaches, clear turquoise water, a variety of outdoor activities and recreation along with other stops that are worthy of being shared on social media.

Other top attractions in the area include the following:

Whether it’s outdoor adventure and breathtaking beaches that bring you to PCB or you’re a Panama City business owner, whatever the industry or interest, Alsco has your uniform rental needs covered. 

Alsco Uniform services in Panama City

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